This is the place I’m supposed to talk myself up and convince the world that I’m the most awesome person on Earth.  Shall I get started?  Okay.  I once ran a marathon barefoot while simultaneously decorating a wedding cake, I kicked the moon and only broke two bones in the process, I can survive indefinitely on sunlight and water, I paint portraits of celebrity pets, I cured cancer and eradicated poverty, and I just recently figured out how to retrofit any compact sedan with jets that are both economical enough and efficient enough to blast it into outer space for under $20.  Not getting sucked into the vacuum of space is on you, I’m only a rocket scientist – not a fucking astronaut.

Wow, that person is cool!  Too bad it’s not me.

I started this blog in some year after 2010 during a time of great personal upheaval.  I was sick and had no idea what the future had in store for me.  After much resistance, I finally went to the doctor where I assumed whatever was wrong with me could be fixed.  Since then, the scene is constantly changing; constantly forcing me to adapt.  I have a very complicated collection of diseases that are trying their best to steal my will to live before stealing my life.  The short list: Crohn’s disease, Gastroparesis, chronic kidney disease and peripheral neuropathy – possibly related to my recent Neuromyelitis Optica diagnosis.  This amounts to a love of finer toilet paper, surgery, lots of drugs, severe malnutrition, an intimate relationship with emesis basins, dialysis, and chronic, often severe pain, muscle weakness/spasms, and gait problems.

The longer I was unwell, the smaller my support network became.  Friends distanced themselves because I made them uncomfortable and I distanced myself even further because I hated making them feel uncomfortable.  When your entire life revolves around doctor’s appointments and tests, there isn’t much else to talk about.  In the end, it was down to my husband (even he struggles to cope being stuck in the same house as me) and a few select family members.  I felt extremely alone and isolated.

Enter: Polishing Dookie

This is my space to talk honestly about what goes on in my life and what I struggle with, often times with a shit-ton of swear words, dark humor, and copious amounts of sarcasm.  I can’t promise you’ll love what I have to say and I can’t promise I won’t offend you, but I can promise I’ll be authentic; as awkward and weird as I authentically am.  I welcome you to interact with me as often as or as little as you like.  Not only is this a place for me to be myself, it’s a place for others to do the same.  It’s a safe place, free of judgment.

If you’d like to contact me directly, click the “contact me” tab.

Note: this is my fifth revision.  See above; “constantly changing”.  I’m not the same person I was when I started this blog or even the same person I was six months ago.  Kara version 3.5 has a much darker outlook and hopes it passes.

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  1. Oh, just remembered something else I saw recently. I’ve tried it for my IBS, but the magnesium content can be too high if I take the right amount according to studies, BUT….it’s also being used as a treatment for Crohn’s – Butyric Acid. In theory, you need around 900mg/d for Crohn’s and IBS, or any inflammatory bowel condition, but the only one I can find has shed loads of magnesium and calcium in it as well, and my guts are very reactive to mag levels. Is naturally high in butter, also parmesan cheese and cheese in general, so if you ever get cravings for either, that would be a fairly reliable indicator that you’re deficient in the stuff. Some people swear by it, reporting that their IBS has been 100% resolved. Mine hasn’t been, but it might be a bit better than it was. I’m still working my way through my third bottle, and I think it’s helping. This current lot of IBS got triggered after my GP put me on iron tablets when a PPI made me anaemic. Two days on prescription iron tablets, black poo and raging awful IBS with rip you apart cramps. I only took them for a month or less, haven’t taken them for over a year, but the IBS has stayed 😦 I do think the butyric acid is helping though, and there are studies you can look at online that have been using it to treat Crohn’s effectively, so it might be worth a go.

    Right, I think I’ve written more on your blog than anywhere else today, including my own, so I’ll leave you in peace and take my developing migraine away now..,,my head doesn’t like doing concentration, and throws a hissy fit if I try to make it do more than it wants to!

    Hope some of what I’ve passed on to you today is helpful. 🙂

    L. ❤

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    • Holy crap, you were a busy bee. Thank you so much for all of the input!

      I was on a pretty good supp regimen a couple of years ago-cal+D, mag, b-100, ala & alcar, 3g fish oil, plus a multi. Unfortunately, at this point there’s very little I can tolerate so I take stuff when I can. I figure it’s better than nothing. I tried choline for a bit, but it seemed to clog up the works as I was diagnosed with a bowel obstuction shortly after I started that supp. It may have been a coincidence though. It’s a shame because it did seem to improve my neuro symptoms slightly.

      I know what you mean about iron tablets. Those things are beastly on the guts. I’m so glad I get IV iron now, despite the side effects.

      Thanks again, and hope you won the battle against that pesky migraine 🙂

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      • You’re welcome 🙂

        Choline shouldn’t have affected your bowel like that, because it only affects nerve transmission positively. I guess you won’t know for sure if it was a coincidence unless you try it again.

        We buy choline bitartrate powder from sports nutrition /body building sites – often cheaper than general supplement suppliers. It’s dirt cheap, but stinks of fish :-/ I take mine with inositol, which also makes up important parts of the sheath that covers and protects nerves.

        If you’re getting intolerant, there’s a good chance your conversion enzymes are low or non-existent, so a lot of vitamins and minerals, all of which need converting to a different form by phosphorylation and other processes, won’t get converted and therefore can’t be used by your body.

        One group that need NO conversion enzymes are all the free form amino acids. Make sure you take a good broad-spectrum free form amino supplement before trying to add any vits and mins. Also, stick to capsules and powders, not tablets, if you can. Pills tend to be full of binders and fillers, we we can all react badly to.

        Alcar is great, and when I first started to take that, I thought I’d fixed myself. I literally felt energy coursing through me. It was great. Then I crashed like an absolute fucker the next day, and I’ve never got the same sensation from it again. Still take it, because I think it helps. But then I take an awful lot of aminos, vits, mins, and herbal supps.

        How much D3 were you on? I did a post about D recently, but if you’re ill and don’t get much skin exposure to sunlight, you need 10,000 IU a day. You need 100mcg of K2 per 10,000 IU D3, or you risk dumping calcium into soft tissue, which isn’t good.

        Anything you want to pick my brains over, let me know. I hate seeing people suffer, especially when I’ve found ways to cope with it without any help from anyone……seems mean if you think you can help point someone in the right direction!

        L. X


  2. PS I can’t take B2. Makes me nauseous as hell. And a bunch of other stuff. You aren’t on your own there!
    And iron – I can take the standard 18mg iron supps, just not the whacking great big ones my GP gave me – think they were 200mg or something ridiculous. Although different forms equate to different values, just to be confusing. How much is in your injection? Same side-effects as my rotten tabs?


    • They had me attempting to take 365mg of ferrous sulfate 2x/day. I couldn’t even keep one down. As my anemia got worse, they increased it to 3, but obviously it didn’t help since I was unable to take them. I told them iron and I don’t get along. That was about as effective as talking to a wall ;). My GI doc suggested IV iron, and I got a referral to see a hematologist through my gp. I started on venofer (iron sucrose), which I believe was 250mg per infusion. Then as inpatient I was given 1000mg of infed (iron dextran). I highly recommend multiple infusions, rather than getting it all in a single dose. I didn’t have any side effects with venofer, but infed made me very stiff, sore, feverish, and even more fatigued. That lasted about a month, probably from iron accumulation. My blood count bounced back within two months, shortness of breath went away, and afternoon naps are optional now. Even with the side effects, I’m very glad I went that route.


      • I’m glad they got it sorted for you in the end 🙂

        I think mine was ferrous sulphate, too. Just gave me a wild resurgence of IBS. I stopped the prescription iron almost immediately, and more than a year on, the newly flared IBS is still raging. I only got anaemic in the first place from taking the PPI Omeprazole. Which also lowered every other mineral you can think of. Prefer to use barrier methods like Gaviscon to stop stomach acid splash-back up my oesophagus. Stomach acid is there for a reason. And it isn’t that you make too much of it when you get reflux, it’s a failure of the pyloric sphincter valve to shut off properly, that’s what causes the “leaks”.

        How are you keeping your iron levels up now? Eggs are packed full of iron, especially fried eggs, apparently – my mastectomy apparently went well because my iron levels then were quite high – 14, I think the surgeon said, but I’d spent the week before my op in Cornwall on holiday in preparation (sea, sand, sun, needed it) and was eating a massive full English every day with two fried eggs. Surgeon expressed relief my iron levels were so good, said it made his job a lot easier.

        Or are you still having to have infusions?

        L. X


  3. This sounds callous I’m sure, but…yes I’m glad I don’t have cancer. But cancer ends. People understand cancer. They reach out and help people with cancer…most of the time. There are big fund raisers for people with cancer.
    My doctor told me that I have one of the cruelest diseases he knows of that doesn’t kill you. It doesn’t end. I don’t get well, I don’t die…people don’t understand. It’s rare, no one raises money for it. Chronic illness sucks. You can’t compare it to cancer. It’s different. I’ve had both. The cancer went away. I had that when I was a kid. I’ve been free for many years. This will not end. This is harder. For me. No not for everyone. No one should compare their life to another’s . I used to sit and think, I’m grateful I’m not in a war torn country. So in would feel better. That’s just silly. I have to feel how I feel. I accept how I am. I still love life. But, it can be damn hard. No one tells me, at least you don’t have cancer….I will just say…oh, but I did. I had bone cancer…I had c a bone graft when I was 15. Be gentle with youself. We are doing the best we can. We don’t need to live up to anyone’s vision of how we should be. Peace lady.

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  4. I wanted to say a big HELLO to you and thank you for the follow 🙂 I followed you back haha..
    I hope today is treating you as kind as it can and that you stay in touch.
    As I will have a look around..

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  5. I believe it is possible to grow younger. I am holding that hope for you and all of us with chronic disease. Health is our birthright and whatever it takes, we’ll get there. lots of love and support, Anna.

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  6. That’s quite a list of diagnoses…I imagine it must not be easy to have to deal with all of them. However, I applaud you on your entertaining writing style. Your sense of humor am funny, although your English are disappointingly more better than the Gravatar profile of you suggested.

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    • Haha, I thank you 🙂

      I had the opportunity to check out your blog, and how neat! Animal conservation is an extremely worthwhile and noble thing to participate in, and it’s brilliant that you’re approaching it through human psychology. It totally makes sense, since it’s what motivates us. It’s nice to ‘meet’ one of the people behind the cause.

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  7. I saw you stalked my WordPress and I try to lurk on every blogger’s profile/blog that likes my posts, or follows me. It’s always nice to know my words are reaching people who face similar struggles with illness. I look forward to reading your content more often!

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    • Hey, thanks! I saw your post on Indiposed & Undiagnosed. Frickin’ brilliant! I loved it, then poked around your blog a bit. All good stuff, and I’m happy to be following 🙂

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  8. Hi Kara. Swearing is my first favorite fucking thing to do and the “F” word is most definitely, my favorite! I remember you from awhile back. I think you have Gastroparesis, too?????? 🙂

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      • Well, I hate to complain, but I guess it’s okay to complain to a fellow chronic illness sufferer. I’m in a huge flare and have been for the last few weeks. Gastroparesis, Fibromyalgia, Interstitial Cystitis, Sciatica, Osteoarthritis, and CFS are in full force. Not bad, considering I have over 20 fucking LOL diagnoses. I guess, everything could all go haywire on me at once. That would be loads of fun. Just started PT 2 weeks ago for a left total hip replacement I had almost a year ago. Geeezzzz CRAZY SHIT! I need the other hip replaced, but uh, no, hell no. No one is touching my other hip til I can’t walk anymore.-**************** almost forgot to mention IBS as one of my flaring demons, at the moment. I just remembered because I damn near shit myself just sitting here trying to get this reply done first LOL 🙂 I still have my lovely feeding tube. How’s your Gastroparesis been treating you?? 🙂

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        • Ouch! You’ve certainly got your hands full. So nice of your body to throw it at you all at once. 😉 PT sounds awful, but I hope it helps.

          My stomach is being a dick, but whatcha gonna do, eh? I’m not able to eat much at the moment. It was ‘okay’ for a while, then I caught the flu which triggered some sort of post-viral exacerbation of absolutely everything. Lesson learned, next year I’ll get a flu shot.

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          • I used to get flu shots all the time, but I haven’t had one for probably 10 years, now. As sick as I can get with a compromised immune system, oddly I don’t get the flu too often. But, my everyday symptoms, often, feel like the flu or worse, so who knows…………I’m afraid to put anything in my body that could potentially be poison to me. Know what I mean????
            About the stomach????? What you said…………….Whatcha gonna do, eh???? Yep, I get it. I hope you never have to get a feeding tube. Have a “good” day. Keep on keepin’ on, girl. Hope to see you around, more. Peace out!!!!! XX 🙂

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  9. Hey, do you think maybe the “dookie word” is what’s getting you chucked into spam? I just dragged two of your comments out of mine and proclaimed them “NOT SPAM!” Have you spoken with the Happiness Engineers at WP about your spam-ization? I for one resent it. You’re not selling shit, fer krissake, although, hmmm….oh, never mind that. It’s the spam thing I resent!

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    • I suppose anything is possible, but it’s more likely I said something offensive late at night when my words weren’t coming out right. I emailed askimet last week, but nothin’ yet. Shitty sells shit by the shit show. Ya know, sometimes I feel like a drug rep.


  10. Hey There! I just found you from the kindness of Ms. Mango at #GainthroughthePain. She happiness tagged me, and mentioned you. And I can see why! It’s a pleasure on my end. I’ll be following, and, well, Happy!

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