Another day, another deficiency


Alright.  I confess, my weekend wasn’t the best of the best.  I got a call from my doctor concerning my followup lab results which indicated I was in end stage renal failure.  Same old story.  ER, fluids, more tests, hospitalization.  I did my best to stay hydrated in spite of being a barfing wonder, but obviously it didn’t work out.

PSA: Uncontrolled vomiting does very bad things to kidneys and electrolyte levels

I got pumped full of a bunch of banana bags, saline, and delicious IV medication.  With fluid going in faster than it was coming out, I turned into the world’s most crotchety balloon.


the likeness is remarkable

One of the pending lab results from my neurology consult last week shows I’m deficient in Copper.  Yet another obscure nutritional deficiency that no one ever gets.  Thiamine and copper deficiency combined might completely explain all of the polyneuropathy, which is good news if something can finally be resolved.  Unfortunately, in copper deficiency simply returning levels to normal doesn’t always correct the nerve damage.  Only time will tell.  This was most likely a longstanding issue that was never diagnosed due to the fact they rarely ever test for it because copper deficiency is so so rare.

Copper is essential for the development red blood cells and transport of iron, so this also helps explain why it seems I’m having a heck of a time replenishing my iron stores and improving the anemia.  I fucking love it when they have eureka moments.

PSA #2: If you feel like crap for months/years and don’t get answers, INSIST they consider you be treated as a zebra, and not just any zebra – a rainbow colored zebra.

My renal function recovered nicely after generous amounts of fluids, and I was discharged Sunday afternoon. I arrived home and immediately decontaminated in the tub. I felt like I needed to scrub myself down with steel wool.  Dirty germs.

I’m a little fed up with life constantly throwing banana peels in front of me, but I must keep the focus on that which is not shitty.  Also, my new doctor is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  I think I’ve finally met my match.  He’d better not freaking go anywhere or I’m going to have to kidnap him.

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