Stuck on repeat

I’ve been sitting here attempting to type my update, and I keep deleting all of my progress.  Why?  It seems everything is essentially the same.  I’m sick.  I saw a doctor.  The doctor said there’s nothing that can be done.  I pick up a prescription then go home and try to remind myself why I keep trying.

The redundancy of chronic disease makes me a very boring person.

Thank goodness for google and creative people.  Some genius decided to take paintings purchased from thrift stores and add his own personal touch to them.  These are pretty amazing…

Link to gallery on thechive, thechive seems to be obsessed with boobs, so use caution if you’re allergic to them (or you know, easily offended)

Link to artist’s webspace and blog – appears to be defunct, but archives can be fun, right?

5 thoughts on “Stuck on repeat

  1. I’m so sorry that you are struggling with your UC. I just started my blog about my daughters struggle with it and how she’s now in remission thanks to a probiotic. Please consider probiotics as part of your treatment. At the very least the right combo may reduce your symptoms and give you your life back.


    • Hi! It’s wonderful your daughter’s UC is in remission – I can’t imagine how relieved you all must be.

      I’ve been taking probiotics off and on for a few years, but I’m pretty terrible at committing to supplementation, especially when keeping all matter of food down is an issue. There was a time I actually made my own non-dairy yogurt using GI prostart, which was the only blend approved for the SCD diet at the time. Thank you for your input, and I will most certainly check them out (I saw your post from earlier). 🙂

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      • Yeah I would imagine vomiting would make it hard to do pills. So do you still do the SCD diet because I’ve heard really good things from other parents with crohns kids.


        • I initially used SCD to help identify trigger foods, and once I got a clear understanding of which foods exacerbate my symptoms, and which are relatively neutral, I started to eat more intuitively, rather than strictly following any protocol 100%. The upside is that it’s more flexible, but the downside is that I tend to let my cravings get the better of me sometimes because I’m not following any strict food “rules”.

          I’ve read lots of successes of people with digestive disease and disturbances who have followed SCD, Low Fodmap, paleo, and auto-immune diet, just to name a few. Diet can be an indispensable tool when it comes to symptom management, and not many GI doctors I’ve encountered acknowledge that correlation. They’re more interested in flinging that prescription pad around!


          • I tried paleo for myself because I was in the CrossFit cult. I couldn’t keep with it…no beer allowed was too restrictive.
            It’s true that most drs would rather write a prescription then explore other options. Doesn’t make sense that more don’t explore diet as a trigger for auto immune given how relatively new some of these diseases are(or rates have shot through the roof in the last 50 years) and how much we’ve changed our diet, food supply and medicines in that time frame. I just have to remind myself that we are our own best advocates.

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