Cast away

Today I removed my splint for the first time since Monday so I could shower in preparation for my ortho appointment.  I was a little afraid of what it would look like, but really, I didn’t think it looked too bad.



There’s some pretty nice bruising going on, and a little swelling, but not nearly as bad as I had envisioned.  It still hurts like hell, even with Vicodin, but I figured I’m just a wuss.  My hope, based on how it looks, is that it’s just a tiny fracture and I could get away with an air cast, because the idea of having something semi-permanently afixed to my leg skeeves me out.  I quite enjoy not having body parts that smell like ass.

When I got to the ortho clinic the lady at the front desk had me go directly to radiology to get another set of xrays.  When I got back to the clinic, they rolled me back to the cast room and I “hopped” up onto the table.  The tech did my predoctoring interview, then the doctor was in a couple of minutes later.  Impressively efficient system they’ve got there!

The doctor told me BOTH the tibia and fibula are broken, and they’re pretty bad.  Dr. H: the destroyer of hope.  He had a difficult time understanding how I managed to break my ankle that badly from a standing position, so I had to explain the whole neuropathy thing and it made more sense, but he said it still should not have happened.  I suppose I’m just an overachiever.

Typically,  he would wait for the swelling to go down more, but the breaks were too nasty to leave it unprotected.  I have a followup scheduled in two weeks to get it recasted.  I picked purple this time, and hey, it almost matches my shoelaces!


To risk making a mockery of irony, I can’t seem to catch a break.  Ha.

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