Doctors who don’t suck

I was very briefly assigned a primary doctor early in spring who happens to be a very sensitive, likable guy.  I had high hopes for our doctor-patient relationship, until I was hijacked by the hospital and their specialists a 40 minute drive from my house.  When I was discharged from my hospitalization in April, I hinted at the necessity of regular follow-ups.  They had me scheduled to be there once a week, sometimes twice.  Unfortunately I was too sick to drive for most of May, and then I lost all feeling in my feet, legs, and hands by the second half of May.  It was no longer safe for me to drive, so I ended up canceling all of my appointments and living like a hermit until I broke my ankle.

I need refills, and uh, medical care, but I still can’t drive.  I dumped all of my major jerkface doctors in favor of non-jerkface doctors who happen to be 5 minutes down the road.  I love convenience.  I still have to travel for neuro, endo, hematology, and neurology, but the two most important (GI and primary care) are here.  That’s not so bad.  This hospital also has an IBD infusion clinic (remicade, iron, IV vitamins, etc), so that’s a bonus.  Also, my old GI doctor is an extremely condescending woman, so I’m happy to phase her out.

I saw my old gp this afternoon for refills and referrals.  He was sad to see that I haven’t gotten any better, or 66% worse as he claims.  My kidney disease made him so anxious that my neurological stuff never really came up, since he was basically trying to keep me alive.  I told him first they suspected RLS and depression, and now my neurologist says it’s likely being exacerbated by anxiety.  Because my life is one giant panic attack *cue sarcasm*.  Anxiety isn’t a big problem for me.  Only occasionally does it whisk me away on a puke machine of terror.  If I were any less anxious, I’d be dead.  Or maybe that’s the low cortisol.

So, I explained the hand problems.  Loss of fine motor control, dropping stuff or breaking things with my brutish strength because I have no pressure sense in my fingers, due to the numbness.  He looked at me thoughtfully and said, “It sounds like you need Professor Xavier to teach you how to control your powers!”

I guess I’m a mutant.  No surprise there!

Did I mention I really like this dude?  I mean, an X-Men reference.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

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