Hey crazy! Shouldn’t you be sleeping?

It’s nearly time to be up for the day, but silly me, I forgot to sleep.  Much earlier today I was thinking about how the word “fatigue” is grossly inadequate to describe how goddamn tired I am all the time, yet here I am still awake and still really goddamn tired.  Stupid pain.  Stupid gutmunching disease.

I have so much to do in the next 24 hours, I may need to make copies of myself.  That would probably backfire tthough, because I assume we’d all just lay here bitching about how tired we are, and I’ve only got three pillows.  I won’t hesitate to beat the shit out of any me who tries to steal one.

MIL keeps calling to make sure they have nothing left to talk about when she arrives.  She asked if they’re staying here or at the hotel.

Me in the background, “Pleeeeease!”

Him on the phone, “No, you’re staying with us.”


2 thoughts on “Hey crazy! Shouldn’t you be sleeping?

  1. Oh no!!! Hubby needs a lesson in pain management 😉

    I hope you feel better. I find that mj relieves the spasms better than anything. I make a tincture that I carry in my backpack so when the belly acts up when I’m not home, I can take a dropper full or two without any psychogenic effects, and my pain is gone within 15 minutes. Depending on your state, you can also buy CBD oil, which will do the same thing. DO NOT buy commercial mj tincture because it is just alcohol or glycerine with THC added to it. If you want my recipe for the tincture, leave me a comment and I’ll send you my email. Feel better!

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