13 out of 198


Photo credit: echon aka jchan aka object regurgitator extraordinaire (is that anonymous enough?)

I got the idea to unpublish all of my posts, in order to edit them and be sure I’m not over sharing information about other people that might make them identifiable, rather than completely anonymous.  People I’ve called turdsurfers, asshats, shedicks, fuckers, assholes, soulsuckers, assmunchers, cocknoshers, and so on. I batch edited and got rid of most of it.

Then I thought, it’s all well and good to make sure I don’t mention these people by name, but they can still be identified by association.  So then I was thinking I needed to hide all evidence of my name, face, where I live, where I’m from, and basically every personal detail. By the time I got done removing posts, there was nothing left.

Two things came to mind. First and foremost, if I were a superhero, there’s no way I’d be able hide my real identity from the world, and second, I wish cleaning house were that easy.

The take away from this is the impact that sleep deprivation and pain has on my brain.  Now that it’s 2am, I think I need to start working on 2015’s taxes.


8 thoughts on “13 out of 198

  1. Your sentiment and determination are most commendable!

    I started out thinking I was completely anonymous, and whadyaknow, first crack out of the barrel my son’s stepmother was commenting on my “about” page. And I hadn’t told a soul. Pretty slick with the metadata search, eh? Took me months to hunt down her multiple IP addresses and block her comments, anyway. She probably still lurks, fuck her. As my dear departed pathology professor used to say, ” Illegitami non carborundum-” Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

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