I’m so ketogenic


If you were around last year, you might recall the time my doctors tried to put me on a low carb, high fat ketogenic diet.  They got it all wrong, telling me it was a high protein diet.  High protein in the hospital=nothing but turkey burgers, which obviously clashed with my vegetarian diet.  There was also the small issue of being enzyme deficient, which meant the meat just hung out in my guts and rotted, then made me sick.  They trialed it for 2 days, and when my kidney function bottomed out, they quickly switched me back to my regular diet.

Later on, we figured out I do best with a low fiber-low residue diet.  What a miserable diet.  I’ve finally been released to eat basically however the f I want.  I was trying to add in small amounts of well cooked vegetables like green beans, carrots, and squash, and also branching out from ramen as my pasta of choice.  I love weird noodles, like Soba, soybean, mung bean, blackbean, etc.  Unfortunately, I’m failing miserably on all fronts.  It’s just too much to process, and the result is more pain and nausea.

I’m giving the ketogenic diet another try, this time under the direction of a dietitian who knows what the hell she’s doing.  I’m actually pretty excited, as long as I don’t think about the lack of my favorite sweet treats.  Chocolate is actually a keto friendly food, but I’ll have to make my own.

My approximate macros: 10% carbohydrate, 70% fat, 20% protein.  We haven’t discussed target calories, but I assume somewhere between 2000-2500 cal’s/day.  Once the body becomes keto adapted, everything runs more efficiently.  Supplementation of (massive amounts) sodium, and magnesium has been recommended, and my potassium levels will be monitored periodically.  Being so low in protein, this is actually a good diet for CKD.  Calcium carbonate supplementation should keep acidosis at bay.  Supplements are required, so it’s obviously not balanced.  I sure would love to go back to a vegan diet, but it’s not in the cards yet.

My goals for the LCHF diet:

  • Blood glucose homeostasis – fewer hypoglycemic episodes
  • Boost HDL cholesterol
  • Reduction of Crohn’s symptoms (diarrhea, pain, bloating)
  • Reduce the volume of food needed to maintain a healthy weight
  • Hormonal balance – goodbye 15 day periods
  • Improve mood, more sustained energy
  • Lower inflammation
  • Less neuropathic pain

After induction, I’ll be cycling 1 higher carb day per week (sweet potatoes, oatmeal, beans).  I will be staying away from cured meats, and red meat, so this isn’t an “eat nothing but bacon” low carb diet.  This may seem a bit extreme, but my symptoms can be pretty extreme, so if it helps, it’s worth it.

I’m a total freak because I love this stuff.


4 thoughts on “I’m so ketogenic

  1. Great post! I am interested to know how this diet works for you! 🙂 also, you had mentioned that you have an enzyme deficiency? How did you get that diagnosis? And is there a specific enzyme that you are deficient in?

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    • Thanks! Amylase and lipase are tested when they’re checking me for pancreatitis or gallstones. I’ve had one too many visits to urgent care, and to them IBD doesn’t equal severe abdominal pain, so they have to make sure all of their boxes are checked off. My blood amylase has been low on several occasions, and the initial low carb diet was actually started because of that – if I don’t digest carbs well, it might help slow the diarrhea if I don’t eat them. Good idea, but I hadn’t eaten meat in years either, so there was also a possibility of protease deficiency secondary to that. It was never tested, but that was the theory after the Atkin’s test-run failed.

      I’ve been a reluctant omnivore, eating small amounts of meat since, so it’s not much of an issue for me anymore…but veggies! Ugh, I so wanted to start loading up on green beans and asparagus and cauliflower; all of the good stuff, but my guts weren’t having it..”uh, ‘scuse me? are we a rabbit? no. no we aren’t. out with that nasty crap.”


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