So long, suckas


I’m out!  I pissed a bunch of people off in the process,  which tends to happen when you go AMA.  The attending physician is the same one I had two other times, and he’s a megadouche.  He keeps testing me for diuretic abuse.  It keeps coming back negative, but good for him for taking a theory and not giving up on it?  Asshole.

I was supposed to have a temporary dialysis access put in today to deal with uremia and hyperkalemia (there’s that fucking word again), until I can get a more permanent access placed by a surgeon.  Very few people showed up today because of the snow delay this morning (come on people – it was one inch of snow! ).  This is no longer an if.  It’s going to happen.  I have an appointment next week, providing the snowpocalypse doesn’t decimate the entire city.  Until my access is placed and ready to use, I have to take bicarb and drink kayexalate.  That’s the worst stuff ever, and is not without major risks.  I may still have to have a temporary access put in to run dialysis if the other stuff doesn’t work well enough, i.e. I start having heart arrythmias or signs of encephalopathy.

The bleeding has mostly stopped, but I’ll continue to take the progesterone to keep it from starting up again too soon.  My blood count is up, which is pretty spiffy.  I feel like it’s a little easier to breathe.


So, that’s enough of that.  I’m preparing for the storm by filling a bunch of pitchers and nalgenes with filtered water, digging out the winter gear in case the power goes out (and in case I feel compelled to leap into snow drifts).  I’m downloading Blade & Soul to appease my inner ninja.  Yep.  I’m happy to be home.  I just hope I didn’t make a terrible mistake.  Manchild agrees with my decision, so I guess I either haven’t completely lost my mind, or we’re both out of our minds.  Your guess is as good as mine.

14 thoughts on “So long, suckas

    • There’s a blizzard on the way, and my chances of not dying seem better at home than they do in a hospital on a skeleton crew. I was not plugged in and filtered, but it wasn’t emergent that it be done. It was more of a ‘since you’re here and it needs to be done soon, we may as well’ thing, at least that’s what my discussion with my nurse today conveyed. They seem to be the only ones with brains around here. I also don’t want to catch the hospital plague. If I didn’t discharge today, I imagine I would’ve been stuck there until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. I had to gtfo. And I’m a bad patient. Meh.


      • Sounds very smart to me! I’ve been stuck in an Israeli hospital over a Jewish holiday, and the skeleton crew were all Arabs who hate Jews, so I got zero care. In fact, I had to take care of my Arab roommate who was a very brittle diabetic and went into hypoglycemic seizures three times, so I had to run down the hall with my I.V. pole to find someone to save her life. I had already spent 48 hours in the ER having a GI bleed. If I could have bolted I would have, but I needed the metronidazole/cipro, so I had to suck it up and stay. Meh. Stay safe and warm, glad you’re able to make preparations! I’ve got my generator and propane tanks filled, plenty of water, pumped at the thought of some real weather, finally!

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        • Good lord, it’s a miracle you made it out of there alive!

          I’m super excited about the snow. People generally groan at me or tell me to be quiet because they don’t share my enthusiasm. We don’t have an AWD vehicle anymore, so that part of winter recreation is out of the question. We were actually supposed to PCS to Fairbanks, Alaska instead of DC, but the orders got switched because of the lack of medical specialists in the area. I was actually looking forward to another 4 years of freezing my tits off in Alaska. No joke. It’s an amazing place. 🙂


            • I vote for a trip up the Al-Can Highway! And take me with you! There’s a big fat magazine called “The Milepost”, and it gives you a breakdown of info on areas as far as points of interest and services by milepost. Some of it is very very remote, so you definitely need a spare gas tank. And an RV that can take the abuse. We drove a subaru impreza up on our first Al-Can trip, and there was a long section of gravel road that was so bad, I think 20mph was our max speed for about 10 hours. We saw one other sign of human life that day, and that was it. It was glorious. So, I highly recommend it 🙂

              Oops, I sometimes forget that not everyone speaks in acronyms. It used to drive me nuts, but it looks like I’ve assimilated. PCS=permanent change of station. He’s in the Air Force and is medical diagnostic services (specifically diagnostic imaging with a little network admin on the side). I think Air Force medicine is great, but absolutely despise the care I’ve received at Army or Navy facilities (which is where they send me if I have to be admitted).


              • Yah, Al-Can hwy sounds great! I wouldn’t do it in the current make of RV that I have, but there’s Sportsmobile that is made for extreme travel. The only reason I didn’t go with that is that it has a popup and, you know, bears. I can’t believe this company sells these truly extreme machines and then makes them, ah, bear-friendly. So there are places I can’t go, and I’ve had some interesting adventures, like sinking halfway up my door in a soup of clay and cow shit. That was interesting to get out of. In the middle of nowhere, no cell signal, uh-oh, no AAA.

                Waiting for the sleet and snow to start…when are you supposed to get hit?


    • That’s wild! I enjoy the headline “she harasses sealers”, haha. When my husband and I were considering going separate ways, he told me I should join Greenpeace. I don’t know if he was serious or if it was a way to say “get the hell out of my house”. Eh, whatever. Lifestyle clash. Tree-hugger vs. Farmboy.


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