I’ve been going a little game crazy lately, downloading every single free to play game available on Steam or elsewhere.  This is mostly because I’m going a little actual crazy, but I do believe I’ve earned it.  So let me have it, will ya?  I even have a potted plant simulator game, because real plants don’t stand a chance with me.  I tried to grow basil once, and it teased me by sprouting, but never made it past that.


“Viridi”- potted plants for people who kill potted plants


So, I’ve got all of these games of varying levels of playability. My problem is I’m running out of hard drive space.  I received a 2TB drive for Christmas, but to transfer everything over?  It’ll take most of a day.  That, and physically putting it into the case without smashing something important, like the GPU or RAMsicles is difficult.  My hands work in two modes: Drop fucking everrrrrything mode, or BEAST mode (which involves breaking things due to no pressure sense in my skin).  Both modes aren’t conducive to safe PC building, so I play a game, then delete it when I move onto the next.  I’m a dirty poly’game’ist.

I’m on World of Warcraft vacation again, and have been exploring some of the Korean MMO’s in which boob physics are carefully calibrated, but the rest of the game is buggy as hell.  It doesn’t matter if your character falls halfway into a rock and gets stuck, so long as her freakishly large gourds swing in a perfect figure 8 fashion as you try to get her unstuck.  I can appreciate the weird factor.  In the main city in Devilian, there is a red light district with scantily clad NPC’s named “Shady Escort”.  What I really like about them though, is the graphics.  The two games I’m cycling through are Devilian, as mentioned above, and Archeage.  Devilian is a blast-the-shit-out-of-everything-with-a-gun game, or an ARPG (action role-playing game).  Your character levels, gain skills, and the cannons get impressively gigantic.  It’s fun, fast paced, and a good way to blow off steam.


Devilian: Gingerboom doing her thang


Archeage: TidyKat the timesucking Firran

Archeage has a very elaborate crafting system.  You can pick up all gathering professions, and craft anything you want.  It’s actually possible to do nothing but craft, and leveling is quicker that way.  There’s farming (grains, trees, vegetables, fruit, animals), fishing, printing, metalworking, armorsmithing, tailoring, alchemy, carpentry, stonemasonry, even piracy.  You can sail the ocean and hijack other player’s ships while they do trade runs.  The options of what one can do are so open, this is considered a sandbox style game.  It’s a huge timesuck.  I can spend hours in game and accomplish very little…gosh, it almost sounds like real life.

One of my friends streams his gameplay on Twitch, and asked me to ‘hang out’ with him on his channel.  He plays Warthunder, which is a WW2 era aerial fighter game.  Watching is boring.  And it makes me feel like I’m going to barf with all of the dips and barrel rolls and the horizon spinning out of control.  I love you, Jayson, but fuck that game.  On the sidebar, I noticed a place that I can follow certain games, then it’ll show me live streams.  Phantasy Star Online was there?!  No way.  That game died in 2005 forever.  It was my introduction to MMO games, and likely the first true MMO game.  It was unlike anything I had ever seen before, and I was hooked.  PSO was released on the Sega Dreamcast in 2000, then shortly after the death of Sega, it was ported to GameCube where it got a new version, Episodes 1 & 2.

Whew, goosebumps.  In 2008 someone created a private server that runs a PC version of the game, and I didn’t find this out until last night.  I downloaded the game, registered, logged in, and was even able to pick the same name as my original PSO character.  It’s like I’ve been transported back to 2001, once again peeing my pants at the sound of a lurking grass assassin.  I love it!


Top of the line graphics! (in 1999)

Oh, and I’m a Sega girl.  Please don’t hurt me, Nintendo.


4 thoughts on “Flashback

  1. Love it! I haven’t played WoW since Cata. My whole guild jumped ship =( So I play Diablo 3 these days (LOVING the new seasonal thing) and occasionally TorchLight. That one’s just a dungeon crawl though. My kiddums plays MineCraft and she loves it.

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    • I played very little of the current expansion, just couldn’t seem to get into it. I found myself going back and starting new characters rather than trying to level through the new crap. I play a little Diablo 3! Boy, do I suck at it though. It makes me throw tantrums when I die.


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