Welcome to Narnia

Manchild fancies himself a meteorologist.  He was watching the radar leading up to the storm and deduced that the potential impact was being blown way out of proportion.  His estimate of total accumulation was 3 1/2 inches.  Hey, sugartits?  Don’t quit your day job!  As of this morning, there looks to be a little over a foot of snow on the ground.  The storm door won’t open, as a snowdrift has settled in on the stoop.


I love waking up the morning after a major snow to see the transformation of the surrounding area go from gray to bright white.  Everything is so quiet (minus the occasional plow blasting by), and the the pace of life seems to pause for a moment.  Mother nature is in control, and she puts on quite a show.  The worst of it will occur by this afternoon, and then armies of shovel bearing denizens will begin the back-breaking task of digging themselves out.  Some will even have fun doing it…

I’ve got a big fat crockpot of chili in the making, and a 1 liter bottle of Moscato waiting for its moment.  Being snowed in makes being housebound seem a little less abnormal.



4 thoughts on “Welcome to Narnia

  1. Hello? Are you buried in snow? Are you making shots of jello? Or have you opened a bottle of bordeaux? Maybe some escargot?

    I’m gonna make french fries and I can’t remember how long I’m supposed to soak the potatoes in cold water…

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