Tiny bits of awesome

I have some good news to share!  I purchased tickets to see Weezer for the very first time in June.  I’m wicked excited.  I’ve been in love with Rivers Cuomo since 7th grade after being introduced to the blue album.  If I need happy music, I listen to Weezer.  If I need a song stuck in my head for a month, I listen to the Sweater Song.

No thank yous necessary.

Lissie will also be in DC, and tickets for that event will be purchased after the 1st of February.

Puscifer is touring, but the closest venue is in New Jersey, so I’m skipping this one no matter how much it slays my inner groupie.  Tool is set to release a new album soon, which means eventual TOUR.  I would travel to Jupiter to see Tool again, although I’m somewhat ashamed to admit I prefer MJK’s side projects to Tool these days.  Visiting Merkin Vineyards is on my bucket list, and may very well be my last life experience if my wine intake isn’t monitored. 😉

I’m going to do stuff, and have fun doing it, damn it!  Maybe this will help soften the blow of more not-so-good news?  Eh, eh, eh?  It can’t hurt.



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