Sourpuss in boot


Being an antihero, I’m getting used to the occupational hazards involved in my line of work.  As I was rescuing a group of oysters from the Walrus, I found myself caught up in a break-dance battle with the nefarious walrus himself.  Obviously I won, but not before my foot got shucked.

It took me a week to get an appointment at the ortho clinic, despite hero status.  My doctor encouraged me to stay off of my feet, and recommended that I use crutches or a walker to keep weight off of it if I absolutely needed to be up and about.  Uh huh.  I fractured one of the metatarsals in my other foot a couple of years ago and was told to stay off of it for a minimum of 3 weeks, then proceeded to go on a week long vacation to Williamsburg with manchild and his family which involved hours of daily walking.  I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.  If I can tolerate walking, I’m going to do it.

Alright, so that all ended today.  I’m to cease all weight-bearing activities for 3 whole weeks, and then I get to wear a boot for 8 weeks.  I do not like the boot.  I was already in the boot.  I consider myself to be over the boot.  I told Dr. H this, to which he replied, “tough shit”.  At least the man speaks my language.  He also put in another referral for a bone density scan and urged me to complete this one, because again, I should not have broken that particular bone due to it’s density in relation to the rest of the bones in the foot.  Had I broken a metatarsal, it wouldn’t be as concerning.  Me?  I’m not concerned.  I’m pissed off.


My quandary is do I try to use crutches again?  Or do I rent a wheelchair for a month so I don’t kill myself whilst attempting to precariously swing myself around with two sticks?  I think I already know the answer.  For now, it’s office chairs for me.

Manchild said we’ll hit the medical supply store to see if they’ve got a cheap rollator, and then it’s oysters for dinner.  Did I say antihero?  I meant supervillian. 😉

9 thoughts on “Sourpuss in boot

      • Here in the South, we don’t call that pizza soup, we call that tortilla soup. A chicken-and-tomato-based soup with Mexican spices, topped with tortilla chips and cheese. Maybe some refried beans and lettuce too, like a drowned tostada. One day, I’ll learn to make it, but chicken soup is much easier. I’m gonna wanna see photos of your… attempts. 🙂

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  1. Ugh. I can sympathize. My first of 3 trips down the stairs a few years ago ended up with me on crutches, then the boot, the the “rocket brace” (I love my ortho doc…..he’s actually at Andrews…or was. Dr Baron). The not being able to walk thing blows.

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    • I love the docs at Andrews! I’d say stairs are the bane of my existence, but it seems flat surfaces are worse. I’m always so afraid I’ll tumble down the stairs that I hold the railing and take it slow, but just walking across the room I don’t pay attention. But dang, three falls! 😦 You need to be nerfed with bubble wrap too 😉

      I found an article yesterday about neurological complications of pneumonia, and it looks like it can cause neuropathies and myelitis, so if I were a betting person, I’d say that’s where the Reynaud’s syndrome was born.

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      • Interesting. (The article, not the part where you keep beating the crap out of yourself)
        Yeah, that’s how they found the brain tumor….3 trips down the stairs in less than 18 months.
        Have you seen the bubble wrap balls? Sounds like we need those!

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