Ben & Jerry’s goes Vegan!


Holy crap!  This is amazing news!  I eliminated dairy from my diet after an allergy test was reactive to dairy protein.  I already knew I was lactose intolerant before that.  Giving up ice cream was difficult, especially because of my long standing love affair with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.  Almond dream makes some pretty tasty frozen desserts, but the lack of flavor options was disappointing, as well as the cost per pint.

I do eat dairy now, mostly lower lactose products like cheese, yogurt, cream, and other cultured dairy.  I’ve found my threshold; as long as I don’t eat too much I won’t get hives.  Even so, I’m still very excited Ben & Jerry’s is on the dairy-free bandwagon.  This is great news for people with severe allergies, and of course for Ovo-Vegetarians and Vegans.


7 thoughts on “Ben & Jerry’s goes Vegan!

    • Non-dairy frozen desserts can be delicious, but I’ve yet to find one that has the same creamy texture as the real stuff. I’m curious to see how B&J’s handled that issue. I plan to test all of the flavors when I can get my hands on them. You know, for the sake of science. 😉

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