Off to see the wizard

My flu bug was mostly over within 5 days of starting.  It left some weirdness in its wake.  I’m experiencing shortness of breath, severe pain in my back and upper abdomen, and burning in my muscles with minimal exertion.  It sort of feels like I’m starved for oxygen, but it’s odd considering I’m not dealing with the congestion anymore.  It started when I was sick, but instead of getting better, it has gotten worse.  I’m hoping it’s residual sickness.  I spoke with my doctor first thing this morning and he wants to see me today and is ordering some labwork just to be on the safe side.  The last time I felt like this, I had a little case of rhabdo.  This would not make my week, so I’ll assume it’s post-viral fucktitude.  Happy, happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Off to see the wizard

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