I may have the balls, but I don’t have the guts

To shorten the story, my liver enzymes are way up, creatine kinase is way up, my potassium is elevated again, and I’ve got walking pneumonia.  Pneumonia?  There’s a first.  I have an ultrasound scheduled for my gut to see what’s up with my liver, gallbladder, and pancreas.  That’s not going to feel good.  In all likelihood, this is a side effect of cimzia because I just had my 4th dose a little over a week ago, but he wants to rule out the other stuff.  I may need to reduce my dose, or get one 200mg shot every two weeks, instead of 400mg every four weeks.  Either way, I have to go see my CNP at the GI clinic after the ultrasound.

At least the shortness of breath problem has been decoded.  I had to drink two shots of kayexalate to reduce my blood potassium levels.  It never gets any easier to chug that crap.

I’m so sleepy, it’s all I can do to stay awake.  It is a nice change from not being able to sleep at all, but a little in between would be nice.  I guess I’ll sleep as much as I feel the need to, even if it’s 16 hours a day.

8 thoughts on “I may have the balls, but I don’t have the guts

    • I didn’t really have problems with steroids in terms of catching bugs, but boy is this other stuff kicking my ass. I guess it’s working though!

      My normal clinic doesn’t have a nephrologist, so I doubt they even have the equipment. Otherwise, I’m not sure, because they’ve done the same thing at the other hospital. Maybe it’s because potassium is the only thing that’s high enough to cause problems? That in itself is still perplexing, especially considering my diet is pretty low in potassium right now. I think I’ve got adrenal issues, but every time I have the stim test, everything works right.

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