Valentine’s Day?

Cupid forgot to shoot me in the face with his arrow of loooove, because I totally forgot there was any significance tied to February 14th.  Manchild had three boxes delivered today, and I was all “oh! what’s in those boxes?! can I open them??” -he said if I wanted to ruin my V-day, I could open them.  Oh crap.

“But, uh, do we celebrate Valentine’s day?  We don’t, do we?  I mean, for me, it’s waiting until the 15th and purchasing all of the candy that goes on sale.”

I legitimately forgot, and I feel terrible.  I’m so focused on what we’ll do for our anniversary in April, that I completely forgot I could write a sonnet using sweet hearts on a day that has very little to do with love.  He did order himself some new audio equipment (that we don’t have the space for), so he told me to count that as his gift.

I decided to unbox my ‘gifts’, and one was a request made by me – an electric razor.  The last time I tried to shave my legs (which was a long time ago), I shaved the skin off of my shin without realizing it.  It took a lot of superglue and bandaids to get that shit under control.  My gift to him will be smooth legs, thanks to his gift to me.  He also got me a new Neil Gaiman book, and considering I spent an hour watching a video of Neil Gaiman interviewing Amanda Palmer this afternoon, was freakishly well-timed.


I suppose after 10 years with someone, you get to know them pretty well.  He doesn’t even have to talk for me to know how he’s feeling, or even what he’s thinking sometimes.  I can read him well, which has gotten him into trouble on several occasions.

Oh, and he’s completely on board with day-after candy hoarding.  Goodbye, diet!

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