Free Bird

I had an appointment with my favorite doctor this morning, or was supposed to have an appointment with my favorite doctor this morning.  I got stuck in the frickin’ bathroom and was about 10 minutes late, so they marked me down as no show.  Dicks.  There was an appointment available this afternoon, so it wasn’t a complete bust.

My o2 saturation is still a little low at 93%, but it isn’t any worse than my last appointment, and he said my lungs sound a little better.  I was quite dehydrated though, so he sent me over to urgent care for a banana bag and a couple of liters of fluid.  Fortunately, my kidney function is holding steady, and my potassium is back to normal.

I have a few referrals to schedule.  Cardiology, ortho again, and neurology.  I’ve had POTS symptoms for a few years, and they’ve recently gotten worse, so he wants a formal diagnosis at the cardio clinic so it can be treated.  I don’t.  I’m already uninsurable in the outside world with the diagnoses I have.  I also don’t want any more pharmaceuticals.


I’m already seeing ortho for my foot, but for whatever reason I had to have a second referral for my back to get cortisone injections.  Maybe they’ve got a designated doc for spine issues?

Neurology was put in per my request, because I’m not at all satisfied with the care I’ve received from the current dude.

I’m exhausted just thinking about all of the running around.  But hey, I’m still a free woman.


3 thoughts on “Free Bird

  1. To answer your question about specialties within ortho: yes. I had one doctor for my hands, another doctor for my feet and a third doctor for my rotator cuff – all ortho. What happens when they get that specific? They forget there’s a whole body.

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