Oddly satisfying things

Cleaning my ears out with q-tips.  I imagine it’s similar to how dogs feel when their ears get a good scratch.

Getting the last square of TP off of the roll without it sticking to the tube.

When my doctor tells me he’s proud of me for gaining weight.

And also when he tells me I’m in his top 5 list of favorite patients based on the weird shit that afflicts me.

Making perfect scrambled eggs.

Watching a stranger laugh at my antics while out in public.

Smiling at random people, and receiving smiles in return.

Giving kids the ‘neener neener’ face in checkout lines.


Finishing a book without skipping around chapters.


Digging chunks of goodies out of ice cream.

Cleaning my keyboard.

Watching my husband do dishes.

That first sip of beer after a long dry spell.

Looking in the mirror without judging myself.

A clean break.  You know what I’m talking about.

Having an on point bullshit meter.

Beating my high score in Tetris.


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