I was blessed with an awesome set of windbags.  My lung capacity is insane.  I beat the incentive spirometer game on nightmare mode (I seem to turn everything into a game).  When I get sick, it rarely goes to my chest, and when it does it’s short lived.  I have allergies, but have never dealt with asthma or had breathing problems.

There’s a first for everything.  This is my first, and ideally last, experience with pneumonia.  It pretty much feels like drowning. Or snorkeling.  Being viral, there’s not much I can do for it, other than hope it goes away sooner rather than later.  A lovely side effect of this is an increase in anxiety, which I’m sure happens to anyone who can’t breathe very well.  I’m thankful for the three days I did nothing but sleep, because now I’m back to not sleeping much at all.  The shortness of breath gets worse when I’m horizontal, so at night I’m on a stack of pillows so tall, I may as well be sleeping in a chair.

Manchild is sick again (if he infects me, I’ll cry), but being the saint he is, he put the headboard on blocks to elevate the head of the bed, and ran to the store yesterday morning to get a humidifier with the Vicks crap that gets added to the water.  Now that my sleep space is higher, moister, and mentholier than thou, I….well, no difference.  I still can’t breathe, and I still can’t sleep.  It was nice of him to make the effort, especially considering he feels like complete ass too.

The truly impressive part is that we both managed to drag our miserable asses out the door, load the wheelchair into the truck, and go for crepes at IHOP this evening.  Ah, l’amour.

9 thoughts on “Snorkeling

  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery! I’ve got shite for lungs, so I know how miserable pneumonia is.

    My experience with raising the head of the bed (unless it’s the hospital kind that bends) is that I end up sliding down and waking up in a lump at the foot. I’ve had fantasies of rigging up some kind of jacket thing to attach to the head of the bed to keep from sliding down…now I just stack up 5 or 6 pillows and that works pretty well.

    Nothing like a little prednisone to get rid of lung swelling! That’s the only time you will hear me say the awful “P” word, is lung badness. Pred gives me myopathy and psychosis….not fun at all. One time I was taking Cipro and pred and got so paranoid I rented a hotel room and locked myself in, subsiding on soda crackers and weak tea for the several days it took to wear off. When I got sane enough I looked up the doctor’s version of the side effects of Cipro and, yep, psychosis was on there, so double whammy. My gut got better though…

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  2. Which is better, IHOP or Taco Bell? I love tostadas, but pancakes smothered in maple syrup sounds so very good right now…

    Because of my allergies, I always have to sleep with my head elevated, usually with strategically-placed pillows. At one time, I even slept with 8 pillows. (It was a wild pillow orgy, and yes, I used to be a slut). Unfortunately, pillows can create cricks in your neck. So, I always say, be careful with the pillows. 🙂

    And now I have a picture in my head of Laura and her dog, sliding down the bed, down, down, down, right onto the cold floor. Freaking ouch. 🙂

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