Covered In Brownie Batter

I wish life was just a touch easier.  If brownies could make themselves, I’d be in heaven.  The butter has been sitting out for 3 days, so I figured why not give it another go?  Manchild shudders at my butter habit.  “It says to keep refrigerated!”  After about a week, it does start to taste a little strong, but it rarely lasts that long and it’s nice to have a softened block of butter for grilling and spreadability (screw you, wordpress, that is a word). I completely bastardized the recipe by making it gluten-free (almond/coconut flour blend) and free of processed sugars knowing full well I may feel compelled to eat nothing but brownies until they’re gone.  I added a little espresso powder to bring out the chocolate flavor, vanilla (as recommended by Johnna), and a tiny bit of cayenne to give them a little drool inducing zing.  I put a chair in the kitchen just in case, and I’m glad I thought of that because it was definitely as needed as it was helpful.  I think a stool will be a worthy purchase if it can get me cooking more, and ideally eating less junk.

The edges got a little crispy, and the center is gooey because I didn’t let them cool enough before digging in.  Patience?  What’s that?  This is a damn good and damn delicious take on brownies, and well worth the effort.

The original recipe can be found on Lynn’s website.  If you haven’t visited her blog, do yourself a favor and do it now!  She has an amazing collection of recipes, and writes of her harrowing experiences while living in the Middle East.

6 thoughts on “Covered In Brownie Batter

  1. Dude, I’m like, cayenne? No, no, no. Not in brownies. But then, I asked Google:

    “This combination originated in Mexico long ago, and is still evident in many latin dishes like mole’. It is also thought to be an aphrodisiac. *wink*”

    Interesting (not the aphrodisiac part, like, why would I want that?). Because I’m not a very good cook, I don’t use a lot of spices. Fresh parsley and garlic, oregano, paprika, chili powder, a little crushed red pepper from time to time. I tried using jalapeno a few times, but didn’t have much luck. But I’ve never tried cayenne. I also want to experiment with cilantro…

    I also made a small batch of brownies yesterday, but they didn’t turn out that great. But I have to say, they look better than yours. (Sorry, it’s true.) I’m just not sure they’re chew-worthy, so I’ll probably throw them out. Do I want to try cayenne brownies? If I was sitting at your kitchen table, I would try one. But I ain’t gonna make a whole batch.

    And wait… Did you say a little crispy? Dude, the edges done been burnt. How the heck did you do that? Do you have an oven from The Twilight Zone? 🙂

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    • Burnt they are! I pulled it out at 30 minutes and it was all jiggly, so I murdered them by giving them another 15. My flour ratio was fucked up, so it’s more like one giant lava cake than brownies. BUT, it tastes fantastic.

      Cilantro is yuck, although I like coriander which comes from the same plant. If you make a small batch of chocolate anything and you’re feeling brave, add a tiny pinch (like 1/32 tsp) of cayenne. I swear it intensifies the chocolately flavor and makes your tastebuds dance. And drool.

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