Ride The Spiral To The End

Is it too early for Tool?  If it is, at least it’s never too late.

Music therapy used to help emotional, physical pain

Listening to music can benefit people of all ages both emotionally and physically. Emotionally, it can help with anxieties, developmental disabilities or trauma a patient has endured. Physically, music is used to help people when they are abiding pain or have a serious injury.

2 thoughts on “Ride The Spiral To The End

  1. After the last WordPress update, this problem with links appeared. All that space… It doesn’t happen with every link, but enough to… irritate me.

    If I am admitted to a hospital, and they offer music therapy instead of pain medication, I’m going to be a very, very unhappy patient.

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    • I noticed that as well, and sometimes wordpress goes completely wordless. I can see the titles of posts in my reader, but the body of the post is completely blank except for pictures and emojis if those were used.

      You and me both! When I was without pain medication, music didn’t reduce the pain so much as give my brain some distraction. If not for that, very bad things could have happened.

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