Do Not Read

If you are reading this, then I needn’t apologize for anything I say because you ignored the signage.  I ignore signs all the time, so I’m certainly in no place to judge.  My foot sets the speed limit, not numbers on a sign.  Turbo does what turbo wants.  I’m just a puppet.

Or, you know, if I were still allowed to drive I’d be turbo’s puppet.

I could use a good long drive right now.  Hop in the car, pick a direction and drive for hours.  Music blasting, bun toasters toasting, worries and troubles temporarily left in the rear view.

That worked for me.  When I get tired of driving, I turn around and go back to the shit show.  It was way cheaper than a therapy session if you look at the hourly rate.

I need something.  Maybe a little sleep, or a fucking break.  I say derogatory things to myself thinking I can slander my sicknesses into submission.  Wear those fuckers down until they trudge off defeated.  It’s not working.  I’m going about it all the wrong way.

I should say nice things to my apparently now personified diseases.  Maybe they’ll be nice in return and leave me the fuck alone, or at the very least let me enjoy a short walk without feeling like it’s raining hedgehogs and tear gas.


Hot damn!

I should stop whining so much.  I should put on my game face and take better care of myself.  I should get out more, and do more.  I should be glad that I’m not worse off because “there are people out there who are really sick”(whatever the hell that was supposed to mean).  I should learn when to keep my mouth shut, and learn when to speak out of turn.  I should not let the man get me down.  I should not blame the man for every little thing.  I should stop trying to ‘type’ with my boob (dropped my phone right on the ole tit).  I should be more appreciative.  I should realize while honesty is usually considered a good trait, not everyone wants to know exactly what I’m thinking.  I should be more patient.  I should be more pushy.  I should think less and act more.  I should think before I act.  I should not mindlessly eat Cheetos, because they are fucking vile turds shat out by ungodly radioactive beasts that stain everything orange. But they sure are tasty little turds.

There are a lot of things I should or shouldn’t do, to include should’ing myself, but I’m doing the best I fucking can even if my best is in a sad state right now.




One last thing…Please tell me I’m not the only one who can’t watch more than 45 seconds of a GOP debate without wanting to drive a railroad spike into my brain.  Whew, that was rough.


12 thoughts on “Do Not Read

  1. You’re not the only one…but then, I haven’t watched any of the GOP debates. The Democratic ones either. So much for being a so-called “well-informed” citizen, right? Especially one who bulldozed right past the DO NOT READ title…

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    • Oh man, I’m pretty sure the CIA can add it to the list of effective torture methods. I haven’t watched any of the debates, but attempted to watch a highlights clip from the Houston GOP debate. It’s unreal how those people are supported by ANYONE. What a nightmare.

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