Bloody Tuesday

Husband dude got an extra long lunch today because there was an active shooter exercise.  I made soba noodles, because I swear it’s the only thing I can eat without regurgitating for 8 hours after the fact.  It was his first time eating soba, and now he understands why I buy the 100% buckwheat noodles in bulk.  They’re super tasty in veg broth with a little avocado oil.  Now that he’s aware of their deliciousness, I’m going to have to double up when I restock.

I was supposed to go to the lab today to have some stuff checked ahead of my GI appointment tomorrow, but I had a skull splitter of a headache this afternoon and JUST got out of bed again about 10 minutes ago.  Slacker!  I don’t know if it’s from the Trazodone I took last night, or the weather shift, but either way it was bad and is starting to come back again now that I’m upright.  I’m the luckiest girl alive.

I finally started watching Battlestar Galactica last night, only about 3 years after my sister told me I MUST WATCH IT.  So far, so good.  And hey, one of the main characters is named Kara.  Kara is a badass.


I have no clue what to make for dinner.  None at all.  This Kara ain’t much of a badass.  Any ideas?  I’m thinking about sending manchild to Taco Bell for some poison.  Cooking probably won’t happen tonight.

Aaand, I think I figured out why I have a headache.


How low can you go?

Need more salt.

30 thoughts on “Bloody Tuesday

  1. Need salt? Here’s the authentic soba sauce, usually used to dip each mouthful in:

    One part tamari
    One part sushi vinegar (the sweetened kind)
    Sesame oil (the toasted kind) as much as you like, drizzled on top

    Give each person a small bowl of the sauce. Have the noodles boiled to al dente, rinse with cold water and drain well. Eat three times a day 😉

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  2. Noodles are pretty much good with everything. One thing I can eat on my good days is rice noodles 🍜.
    How do u get on with the trazodone? I had them for insomnia and used to keep me awake but couldn’t move lol, had some funky hallucinations on them 😀😂

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    • I just got some sweet potato/buckwheat noodles to try. I’m way more excited than I should be. 😀

      The Trazodone works sometimes, and other times leaves me wired. It does make me really really goofy, no matter what. Sorta fun for my husband..heh. I managed a full 8 hours of sleep last night with it. Probably the longest sleep I’ve had in months!

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      • Sweet potato mash is a favorite of mine, love the stuff or should I say used to lol.
        Haha better than getting shitty side effects 👍, 8 hrs wow nice one. I’m lucky to get 4 at the best of times. Only thing that ever helped was zopiclone but it’s too addictive 😞

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    • I live on rice too. It’s totally the easiest thing to digest, as long as you remember to eat protein and fat somewhere in your day. I’m bad about forgetting to do that. Trazodone fucks with your sleep cycle, I think. I took it for a while but it seemed to fuck me up more, so on to the next…..

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  3. After riding around for hours looking at apartments, I stopped at Walmart for staples, including noodles. (Yes, noodles are a staple.) Unfortunately, they didn’t have my brand of shells, and even worse, I think I threw a hissy fit about it…

    Walmart lady was stocking up next to me, and I’m like, THERE AREN’T ANY SHELLS! This is the third time ya’ll have been out of Barilla shells!

    (I prefer De Cecco shells, but I have to travel across town to get them, which I did when I first moved here. And I had to write to De Cecco just to find out where they sold them. Yeah, it was a whole big thing, just for some shells.)

    The Walmart lady’s looking at me like, dude, noodles are noodles. But I can’t be the only one who is picky about her noodles… Right, Kara?

    I finally found one box, which made me extraordinarily happy. Until the lady goes, well, one box is better than none. I thought, but didn’t say, no, not really. So, the lady says she’s gonna order them… Funny, but I didn’t believe her. So when I couldn’t find paprika, I threw a hissy fit at the other Walmart lady who was stocking nearby. She’ll get it ordered, sure. Yeah, I didn’t believe her either.

    And the reason you have a headache is because you didn’t want to suffer through another test. Your brain’s like, dude, I’m staying home, you with me? 🙂

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  4. I had “fake” captain crunch cereal for supper….. while I made pierogies and a beautiful italian salad for the fam, my stomach didn’t want it. Hope you’ve been able to recover from your headache 🙂

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    • Cereal sounds good! When I buy it, I get the bagged cereal. It’s all tasty. Granted, I’m sure you would have loved to eat with your family instead. I’m sure they appreciate it! I haven’t had pierogies in at least a decade, and now guess who’s craving them? 🙂

      I used to do the same thing – make dinner for my husband, then make something for myself. Just make sure you keep yourself well-fed (even if it requires you to institute ‘fend for yourself’ nights). I had a tendency to run out of steam doing that, and either drank a protein shake or skipped dinner altogether. Not good for what ails us.

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      • Definitely not. Eating SOMETHING is better than eating nothing and sometimes that something is dry, off brand cereal 😛


  5. Am I the Great Scrabble Goddess? I don’t suppose I’ll ever get to try spelling jizz, as when does anyone get two z’s? Funny, I spelled fart yesterday, and it was censored. When did fart become a bad word? 🙂


    • Impossible. Fart has been a word ever since words began. In fact, it may have been the second word ever. The first word, of course, is “ugh.” As in, “ugh, fart!” Who makes these bullshit rules anyway. Hey do you guys play Words With Friends?


      • I play against the computer on Just Words at, because it’s free. Tried to find Scrabble online, but that game wasn’t free (and involved a download). Also tried to interest Kara in playing games with me, but the games I play are usually pretty boring.

        You can try to convince me that one of the first words spoken was fart, but I think it was fuck. 🙂

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        • I have an admission to make. I have terrible ADD, which makes me an irritating gaming partner. I did play yahtzee once, with some guy named Bill; probably a computer. Bill left me dead and bloodied and dying along the way. I’m such a sore loser, I generally play games that can’t be won.

          I found this:

          Triviacrack is free, and I believe you can play it on the computer.

 is where I played poker. And got booted from the table frequently for walking away mid-game. Frickin’ squirrel brain.

          I bet I could even set something up and host it on a private server, but my IP isn’t static so there’s always a chance we’d get cut off at random times.

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        • You win! And the prize is, we all get the Words With Friends app, free on Android and iOS. Then we will all have our minds occupied. In my extended family, auctioning off of coveted letters and other irregularities were regular at one time. Now that they all play Words With Friends I guess they play by the book. The rules I taught my son when he was little were, “If you can define it and use it in a sentence, it’s permitted.” I think that’s valid, don’t you?

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  6. Well, after reading all you have to endure and your dietary limitations, I was certain that I had some recipes for you. We are on a special diet due to my illness and my husband’s heart problem and prostate cancer. He cannot have tomatoes during the seeding radiation, which he had done a month ago and will not be able to eat tomatoes again util May. Being on a strict Mediterranean and Japanese diet, plus the fact that meat and dairy are out, I now use squash in place of tomato sauce in many of my meals. Most are one-pot. I can post some here for you that you can tweak for celiac (We don’t eat wheat products either). I use quinoa, barley, brown rice, and soba noodlesb b. Let me know if you’ would like some quick and easy one-pot meals (I am confined to bed but I get up because I love to cook and one pot is so much easier. Although, we do eat Cod, Salmon, and/or flouder twice a week.

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    • Oh wow, I love squash! The problem I’m running into is that my husband does the grocery shopping now and completely ignores my list. He buys the quick and easy packaged junk so he can feed himself if I can’t cook. I love cooking, he does not 😉

      I’d love a recipe for the sauce, or anything else you want to share. I have a bunch of canned pumpkin. Think that would work?


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