4am! It’s party time!

We’re all awake here!  I was fervently searching for roller derby footage set to a decent song, and was appalled by the lack of videos.  I did see plenty of girls getting serial crushed.  I don’t know why I’ve always wanted to join a derby team, other than it looking insanely intense and insanely fun.  That’s probably not going to happen, with my neuro issues and brittle bones.  I’d be in a full body cast before bootcamp ended.


Manchild got up around 2 because work called, and he spent 2 hours on his shitty govt laptop trying to remotely fix broken shit, from his piece of broken shit.  He didn’t get home from work until about 8pm last night.  They’re really testing him.  He sent out an email to say he won’t be in until afternoon.

He has to run me to the lab when it opens in 3 hours, then it’s off to my GI appt.  I doubt either one of us will sleep before go-time.  It should make for an interesting day.

I think I might be a little crazy.  I’d tell you why, but you’ll say the same thing my friend said when I told him. “WTF lol”

I gave myself hiccups because I thought my inappropriate behavior was fucking hilarious.  At least someone laughed, eh?

5 thoughts on “4am! It’s party time!

  1. When I was a tweenager, we used to hang out at the roller rink. Round and round we skated, trying to look cool, looking for other cool kids, trying to do fancy moves. (When I think about it now, I get a little dizzy.) Roller skating was fun, but I was never able to ice skate, which looks even funner.

    If we’re talking about dreams, I would like to ride a bike again. We used to ride on narrow trails, up and down, on the only part of Houston that wasn’t flat. And I remember that was fun, too. It felt like flying.

    It’s not very nice to give yourself hiccups, but I don’t think you’ve explained this “inappropriate behavior.” If it involves sex, I don’t want to know. 😀

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