My parents have always wondered where my killer metabolism came from, but the reality is that I’ve probably had Crohn’s Disease for most of my life, but it didn’t begin to have a major impact on me until I reached my mid-20’s.  I got sick often in high school with what felt like the GI flu and was quite fatigued, but the only thing checked was my blood count and thyroid function.  My Mom was so apologetic when I finally was diagnosed with Crohn’s because she immediately made the connection between my difficulties as a teen, and the disease.  Would my life have been any better had I been diagnosed back then?  Probably not.

I’ve talked about my brother a couple of times, who also has IBD.  He had a total colectomy when he was 37, and though the doctors assumed he has UC, it couldn’t be confirmed.  His disease pattern also falls into the same grey area as mine.  My theory is that we have both.  My ileal disease is much worse, whereas his was considered backwash ileitis from the UC.  My colonic disease skips areas, but the inflammation is superficial and confined to the top layer of the epithelium.  Even though he no longer has his colon, he still struggles with all of the symptoms I do, and is quite anemic just like me.

The nausea is killing me right now.  I want to eat, and I want to enjoy eating, but my appetite has been slain.  I’ve had to take more reglan than I’m comfortable with to keep my stomach somewhat settled, and my tolerated food options are extremely restrictive, so I’ve started drinking nutritional shakes again.  In spite of that, I’ve still lost just shy of 10 pounds in the past month.  By the end of January, I actually reached my target weight for the first time since the tubes started going down themselves, and was praised and congratulated by my doctor.  It felt pretty good, and it took A LOT of work to get there.  If I did it once, I can do it again.  I’m by no means underweight – I’m still in the healthy range, but if history has taught me one thing, it’s that I need reserves for when I do get really sick (like I am now).


I saw my GI practitioner today, and we went over labs that I had drawn this morning as well as the results from my ultrasound.  My ESR and CRP have gone UP.  That wasn’t supposed to happen.  He also said it’s possible I have autoimmune hepatitis, but the labs for that were send outs and he won’t have those results until next week.  Apparently the cysts aren’t anything to be concerned about right now, and it’s likely they’ll magically disappear when/if my liver enzymes normalize.  I’m halving my Cimzia dose to one injection instead of two every month, and adding daily Imuran to it.  I’m supposed to have labwork repeated in a month, then he said we’ll talk about doing an upper endoscopy/colonoscopy some time this spring to see how things look on the inside.  Oh, fun!  Even with the blood transfusions, I’m still iron deficient and anemic.  Partially from the Crohn’s, and partially from the abnormal bleeding.  It’s off to the hematologist for iron and vitamin infusions.  I hope I get brown-eyes again…he’s so dreamy. 😍

As far as the nausea and stomach issues go?  I’m back on Reglan 4x/day for the month.  Gastroparesis is a tricky dick.  I asked again about stopping protonix out of concern that it’s exacerbating my gastroparesis, but he just laughed at me and said “if you eat cooked food, it doesn’t need much acid to be digested”.  I don’t know where he gets his information from, because I’ve read that hypochlorhydria can cause just as much damage as having too much acid.  So many drugs!  I’m an environmental hazard.  My gas destroys the ozone, and my drugs kill the ocean critters.


29 thoughts on “Nausea

  1. Would root ginger maybe help with your nausea? I’ve been taking ginger supplements for a few weeks now due to their anti-inflammatory properties – and my pain levels are lower than usual.
    That cartoon with the big pill made me laugh! There seems to be more pills than food.
    Hugs 🙂

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  2. I’m just wondering, is it your fear of food that’s causing your lack of appetite, or do you actually become sick to your stomach when you see or smell food? Because it seems to me that if your body’s not rejecting the sight or smell of food, that’s probably a good sign.

    Here’s to Dr. Brown Eyes: May he procreate like a rabbit, littering the Earth with pretty brown eyes, just like his. 🙂

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    • I think it’s a little bit of both. The nausea is always there, regardless of food being on my mind. Strong smells and flavors do make it worse, and then of course I have a green-thing phobia. If I see broccoli or kale, it makes me retch. The kale retching is understandable. Yuck. If I happen to not be nauseated before I eat, it usually happens a few hours later as it just sits in my stomach and festers, so if it’s something that tastes good on repeat, that helps.

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      • Is it only green food that makes you sick? Let’s see, Oscar the Grouch is green, does he make you nauseated? How about green tea? Methinks you had a prior trauma with kale and broccoli… I’m just hoping it wasn’t sexual. 🙂

        I’ve only thrown up twice in my whole life, so all this talk about puke is making me… well, what do you know… I think I’m… hungry. (Thanks, bud.) 🙂

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  3. For nausea: ginger root capsules, 2 twice daily, has been proven to work better than Compazine in chemo patients and nausea of pregnancy.

    I use a tincture that I make from cannabis that works wonderfully to tame nausea, spasms, diarrhea, and inflammation. You can use CBD oil for this also, available by mail order from Amazon, as it is legal in all 50 states and should not be a problem for your military household. It is nothing less than miraculous for treating inflammation.

    As you know, IBD is a spectrum and it’s not unusual to have both. Also joint disease, whoopie!

    Treating anemia is often done with yellow dock root tincture, 2 droppers in a little warm water once daily. I’ve seen some great results with this when iron infusions did nothing but sit in the liver.

    I think I have told you, I have saved more than one colon from being excised, with acupuncture. But the lightbulb has to want it 😅 sorry private joke, why do I do that????

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    • You’re the best. I talked to my doctor about getting a referral to the acupuncture clinic, and as soon as they get moved into the new facility, I’m going. That’s all your fault. You can send me a bill 😉

      Does mg/g dose matter with ginger or the other stuff? Or do most brands standardize dosage? I’m going to put a supplement order in soon. Gotta stock up on some good juju.


      • Just chalk it up to practice. Practice, practice, practice, that’s what gets you to Carnegie hall.

        Most good supplement companies standardize to 500 mg/cap for ginger. I like Solaray, Spring Valley, and Nature’s Bounty. Gaia is incredible but very expensive. They do cryo extracts which are liquid packaged in capsule form. One or two a day will do the trick, so you have to do the math. When I had my holistic practice that is all I would use. Sometimes Mountain Rose Herbs which used to only do bulk, but may do capsules now, worth checking. That’s a good place to start! Let me know if you have any questions.

        The yellow dock is very bitter so best taken with something in your stomach, diluted in something else, at least an hour after ginger. You can also optimize your fiber intake by snacking on crystallized ginger if you feel sick or just because. Also ginger snaps, ginger bread, anything with significant amounts of ginger, just so you don’t burn out on the flavor. I personally can and do eat ginger all day long! It helps me and I love it. You can even grate some to add to your soba! Now THAT’S delicious. I put it in all my oriental soups that I live on. Unfortunately, I have some baby kale in my fridge that will no doubt go the way of all of its brethren…in the trash😕

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        • I love gin-gins, but haven’t gotten them in a while. Do you ever use miso paste? That stuff is delish, and I understand it’s the japanese equivalent to chicken noodle soup when your guts are feeling funky. I buy it in a one pound tub, but never use it all before it ‘expires’.

          Anyhoo, thanks for the advice, oh fabulous fountain of wisdom!


          • I like miso, but not as well as you do! I like good tofu seaweed miso soup, but I can only have the white kind, for Chinese Medicine reasons. Also you have to be really careful because some kinds have wheat in them. When I stopped eating gluten my life changed entirely for the better! Very few mornings stuck in the loo now, only when I’m stupid and overindulge on beans💩.

            I love gin-gins. Rot your teeth, though. But so does puking, so I’ll take my chances with pleasant vs unpleasant tooth decay.

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  4. Just get the raw ginger roots and chew 😲, I’m messing. Heard ginger is supposed to be good, if you try it then I hope it helps 👍.
    Turmeric is supposed to be really good for inflammation, not tried it yet, but some with adhesions say it helps.
    I feel your pain on the not eating, does my head in, I smell food and makes me salivate lol.
    As I say, hope you find something which helps.

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    • Turmeric is good stuff, and if you’re looking to turn your skin bright yellow, that’s the stuff to use! There’s a product through a natural supplement company (new chapter, based in the town I grew up in) called zyflamend…supposed to have all of the good anti-inflammatory stuff in it. I’ve been wanting to try it. I put the daytime and pm version on my wishlist, but it’s so expensive I’d only try it if they gave it to me for free. If it helped, I’d be more inclined to pay full price. Too much money can be wasted on stuff like that if I’m not careful. Weed would be cheaper!

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      • Weed would Defo be cheaper and I’d say more effective 😁. Serrapeptase is also good for inflammation but have to be careful if your on blood thinners.

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        • Have you tried vaping it? I don’t know if how it’s taken makes a difference in how well it works. You’re probably right though – it works best when all chemicals are present. It’s a shame it’s so difficult to get medical cannabis.

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          • Yea got a MediPen vape, it’s ok but goes down to fast and ain’t cheap lol.
            Yea would be so good to have it legal, believe Australia have passed it now? Free the weed 😀😀

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          • Such a helpful herb. Don’t despair if your CBD oil doesn’t seem to be working. It may take several months to get all those inflammatory mediators under control. You didn’t develop this overnight, it’s not going to go away overnight. No magic wands here, just good medicine from the Earth that won’t make things worse!

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