Monsanto is Taking Over the Government!

Pardon my language, but fuck this. Read, take action, and share!

Bipolar For Life

Can you believe it?! There is actually a bill with Monsanto’s name on it, coming up for a vote in Congress, intended to suppress states’ rights to legislate labeling of GMO foods.


“The Monsanto Promotion Act”????

Since when does “our government” promote…PROMOTE! Private business giant monopolies? Isn’t that illegal? And isn’t it illegal to hobble the constitutional rights of the people to use the legislative process and the protections it allegedly affords us?

Please read this website and make the call!

I’m having a rough day today and if I can manage a post I will explain my recent silence. But this came up and I had to put it out there. I’m not sure I can make the call myself, as I can’t seem to talk today, but that means it’s all the more important that YOU do!!!

Please share this far and wide on your blogs…

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