Sent to Spamelot?

Starting Sunday afternoon, I noticed a few comments I left for others weren’t showing up.  I’m not sure if I got marked as a spammer by Askimet somehow by accident, intentionally, or if I just upset 6 different people in 24 hours.  The odds of the latter are low’ish, but not impossible.  Can y’all do me a favor and check your comment spam and see if it snared me?  I’m trapped in a box with a bunch of robots peddling Cialis…halp!


21 thoughts on “Sent to Spamelot?

  1. I see you’ve made some cosmetic changes to your blog, and I was just wondering if you’ve pampered yourself lately? As for the spam, it took me a few minutes to find my spam folder, but I didn’t see any of your comments in it. Before I found the spam folder, I saw my Askimet stats, and I’m like, if it stopped over 7,000 spams, where are they? Do I get to see any of them? Whatever.

    I get email notifications for comments, and the other day, when I went to like one of your comments on Lisa Amaya’s blog, it didn’t show up. I mean, the comment showed up in my email, but not on Lisa’s blog. And then like a day later, I got another email with the same comment. But that’s happened to me before too, when I’ve made a comment but it doesn’t show up for a day or so. And my email notifications are also late, sometimes up to a day later.

    In other words, WordPress teaches us patience. 🙂

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    • Went for something a little easier on the eyes. I have problems seeing black on white – it turns into a giant black blob after a while, but I think I’m the opposite of most so I fixed it. Again. Me? I’m about 6 months overdo for a haircut. I cut my nails! Does that count?

      WordPress is finicky, as I’m learning. You know me, if something goes wrong, I automatically assume it’s something I’ve done. 😉 Trump isn’t my fault though. I don’t take any responsibility for that pile of human excrement.

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