What am I, chopped liver?

I got a call and voicemail from the Gastroenterologist’s office on Monday afternoon, but true to my style, I ignored it.  If something is urgent, they’ll usually say so in the voicemail.  I got another call this morning, same message, and then they tried a second time after noon.  I decided to answer, partially out of curiosity, and partially out of fear.  It’s not often they make such an effort to reach me unless something is really wrong.

I spoke with my CNP, and he said my liver specific blood tests had come back indicative of autoimmune hepatitis.  As a matter of fact, the anti-SMA antibody test was positive along with a positive ANA screening.  I’ve had ANA checked at least a dozen times, and never has it been positive.  It has always been assumed whatever is eating away at my guts is a sero-negative autoimmune disorder, but now it’s more than an assumption.  Even though they’re relatively certain I have AIH, I still have to go in for a liver biopsy.  Eh?  That doesn’t sound like a good time.


I want a medical test that requires me to ride an elephant, go on bumper cars, or take a nice long vacation in Aruba.  Sounds better than being told I need to be stabbed in the liver.

Here’s the good news:  Treatment is a combination of steroids and Imuran, one of which I’m already taking, and both of which help with Crohn’s.  The bad new is steroids.  As if staying in the land of the semi-sane wasn’t already difficult enough for me.

So there you have it.  Every single one of my digestive organs is somehow effected by my fabulous disease, along with my nerves and my joints.  So now I’m wondering what I should be doing differently.  I know diet is an issue, and on no planet should I be able to rationalize eating peanut butter cups for dinner because “they have iron and protein!”.  But I do.

27 thoughts on “What am I, chopped liver?

  1. Shit. Fuck. I’m sorry, honey. I want to come visit you and eat peanut butter cups for dinner with you. What I really want is for you and me and Johnna to have our special soiree. While we can all three still hold each other up.

    In a way, it’s good to have a “unifying diagnosis,” so you know what it is. In another way….I bet there’s a good reason you were avoiding picking up that call….

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    • I agree! That would be so so so amazing. You guys still trying to meet up while you’re out that direction, or is there just too much shit going on right now?

      You’re right ;). I don’t answer because I don’t want to know. If they’d call and give me some good news every once in a while like, “congrats, you’re our 10,000th customer, so here’s $10k!’, I may be more inclined to answer.

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      • Yeah, right. Sonsabitches OUGHTTA cut you a bonus check for sure. At least frequent flyer miles, redeemable for actual health.

        I haven’t given up on Albuquerque, and still hoping to make it happen, but today I found out I’ll be going to Mayo in Minnesota (Mayo in Phoenix, where I was going to go, doesn’t take Medicare!), if I can hold off that long. My left hand has stopped hurting and is numb instead, which is never a good sign. I have had a call in to this dickhead ortho for two days, no return. If I have to kill myself I am SO suing his ass.

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  2. 😞, sorry to hear this, really hope the meds help. And I agree tests should be so much more fun. I think they should implant false memories into us whilst the test happens, at least then you can believe you had been on an elephant 🐘 😕

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  3. From Google: Inflammation in the liver that occurs when the immune system attacks the liver. The cause of autoimmune hepatitis is unknown.

    This reminds me of what I’ve read about eczema, which I’ve developed later in life. (It usually begins in childhood.) It’s some kind of autoimmune reaction, the body/skin attacking itself. As far as I know, they don’t know what causes it and it can’t be cured. Medical science: letting us down, every single day.

    Let’s see, I only have one liver, so I guess I can’t give you mine. Not that my liver is in great shape, but if you want it, I’ll leave it to you in my will. 🙂

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    • Hate you have to go through this.
      I had eczema as a child, and tween years, but I haven’t had it since then. I wonder why?
      I hope the biopsy goes well and isn’t too painful.
      {{BIG HUG}}

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        • Yay for Dr Google! 😃 I’m doing pretty good. A little wonky today but nothing serious. I’ve written an update post on me, but need to proof read it before I publish it. Probably tomorrow. It’s all good. Thinking of you. OXOX

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    • I’d say it’s environmental, but then again the number of recognized autoimmune disorders has more than doubled in the past 50 years so accounting for that, I’ll just say we got lucky. My liver is a beast. I’m not too worried at this point. I just wonder what this means for my wine addiction :/

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  4. Jeeze what a bummer. At least there’s a treatment plan in place, and looks like they’re catching it rather early if this is the first test to come back with those results. Having to go on steroids sucks, but at least they usually do the trick and are worth the cost/risk. I justify peanut butter for a whole host of reasons, glad to see I’m not the only one 😀

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    • Yes! If they worked even half as well as they normally do for me, they’d still probably be worth it. The mood swings are the frickin’ worst though. Worry for my husband, I’ll be out of my mind so I won’t even notice 😉

      Peanut butter is great stuff! I tried to diversify my nuts…ha..but peanut butter is still my favorite.

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      • Thanks for asking :), the bronchitis isn’t so bad and I’m on Gapapentin since Monday with that great young doctor – who I managed to get to see three months later! Today I’ve an x-ray again for my left hip which is where the initial physical trauma was/is. But I feel I need an MRI because it feels all twisted in there…as I can’t move at all at times. I never got the appropriate care (8 years now) I believe due to them saving their skins! The GPs failed to diagnose my hip dislocation (subluxation) for eight months. A private physio saw it at once and realigned my hips, but the lasting damage was done by then.

        I’m thinking of you and your poor liver, are you feeling positive about the treatment? Keep strong Kara 🙂

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  5. Prayers and blessings
    My dear friend
    I know how it feels to be at the end of a rope dangling with one hand
    You can’t let go
    At least that’s how I feel
    It’s a constant balancing act
    Never to one side or the other
    Stay focused
    I am always here
    As always Sheldon

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