WTF happened here?  Is it art, or did a toddler tape this?

The big bad biopsy is behind me (I’ll post about that later), and after relinquishing lots of blood for ordered labwork from all 15 doctors,  I got my first of four iron infusions and a B12 shot in my ass.  My wonderfully obnoxious husband told the GI doctor that I’ve been complaining about abdominal pain and nausea.  It’s worse than usual and he’s way more hyper about it than I am (aka I don’t give a shit).  I was in no mood to hang around so I didn’t volunteer the information myself.  Grumble grumble.  After a quick exam he said, “that doesn’t sound quite right”, then I got sent to the radiology department to drink a liter of oral contrast to have an ’emergency’ CT.  If I don’t glow in the dark by now, I’d be surprised.

I’ll be damned, I have a small bowel obstruction.  It’s further up in the jejunum, which is weird.  Strictures popped up between this CT and my last one.  That’s one area the standard scope can’t reach, so who knows what’s going on there.  It could be healing inflammatory damage that caused scarring and stenosis, which lead to this very uncomfortable obstruction.  I really thought it was my stomach being a jerk, because I’ve had SBO’s before and this feels different.  I guess where it’s located may make a difference, but it seems like it would be worse.  Weird.

It is a partial obstruction, and as such, it SHOULD clear on its own if I can behave myself and stick to Peptamen and strained juices as instructed until symptoms improve.  That’s cruel torture for me.  Food is frickin’ awesome, and I love it.  Tomorrow is an off day, then I see the spine guy on Thursday, and the Neuro dick on Friday.  I’m already whipped.  Beyond that, I’m just waiting on the lab results from the biopsy and the stuff my Nephrologist ordered.  Good times!


20 thoughts on “Flogged

  1. You’ve a busy week ahead of you! I bet you’re glad to be home for now. I hope your obstruction passes soon and you can eat fries again. 🙂

    PS. Did your husband turn out the lights to see if you really glow in the dark? 😉 xo

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  2. Aw Sweetie, that really sucks. Don’t those assholes who sling shit at people know you’ve had ENOUGH ALREADY???? Damn. Next they’ll have to give you a fucking transfusion because of all the blood they take out of you.

    I’m really sorry about the food. But good on ol’ Manchild for speaking up this time. Could have got real ugly, real fast. After you get over this one I’ll tell you a story. Not now though. Love and gentle hugs 💖

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    • He got waffles for saving me, only after he agreed to tell me they were the most disgusting waffles he has ever had.

      I tried to comment on your post, but I think it got sent to comment spam on your WordPress admin page. I still haven’t gotten that sorted out yet. :/ Free account means that inquiries take forever. I know I’ve been unflagged by a few people so far, but it hasn’t stuck yet. That’s what I get for trying to be more sociable. 😉

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      • Weird, I’ll see if I can find that from my mobile. I can’t type so I’ve been using my Swype keyboard to do everything. I’ll look for your comment, and if I don’t find it, I’ll…I’ll…I’ll let you know! Are you in any pain with this? I need to hand-deliver you some CBD oil to regulate peristalsis while calming inflammation. I would probably have to sneak it to you in a luscious truffle, which you’re not supposed to have, but then chocolate turns to liquid pretty quick, so that should not pose a problem 😈

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        • Swype! How does that even work? I tried once, then gave up. I use talk to text sometimes and it almost feels like cheating. I love it!

          Yeah, it hurts slightly less than a fuckton. It hits in waves, then the in-between isn’t as bad so at least there’s a little respite. I’m also surprised I’m not barfing constantly, but I guess that’s out of style for me this year. (fingers crossed)

          Truffles… holy crap, there’s an offer I’ll never refuse. 🙂

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          • Yeah, Swype is done with just one finger! You do have to somehow hold the device though, and that can get tricky if only one hand is operational 😠

            I’ve done some timid exploration with Dragon, which takes more learning than my current pea brain is up for, specifically trying to correct mistakes. Which voice to text program are you using? I think I need to add one to my vocabulary, as I’ve got these upcoming surgical “dates” that are likely to put me in virtual restraints.

            I’m glad you’re not puking. Maybe it means your lovely liquid nutrition is getting absorbed! Wouldn’t that be loverly? Next, truffles! Tell Manchild that your doctor friend recommends truffles as a reward for getting through this one 😆. What are your favorite flavors?

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            • I use the android voice to text on my phone. Nothing fancy, but it works well on my nexus. Android MM has quite a few voice commands, and I’ve barely scratched the surface. As long as I can unlock the phone, it requires very little physical input. It’s kind of cool.

              I think he’ll be on board with the chocolate! I like the fruity truffles…orange oil or raspberry. YUM! Whenever I’m having a difficult time eating, his answer is usually milkshakes or ice cream. Calorie dense and delicious. Fuck the lactose intolerance 😉


            • Lactose intolerance is the bane of my existence. If I even take a pill with a lactose filler and forget to take a lactase pill with it, I’m farting and shitting fire for two days. Walmart brand works better than name brand and comes in bottles of 60, which I buy at least 4 at a time so I can have half n half with my coffee. Now if only someone would invent anti-gluten! I’m going to have to figure out that voice to text. I like the truffles that are infused with cayenne! oh so bad for my guts but I don’t care. I made some with cannabis infused coconut oil–very healthy–that were the bomb!

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  3. Oh wow, really feeling for you. I hate having partials, I completely feel your pain. Do you get the horrible cramps which comes in waves, Urgh hate it. I hope it passes soon and you get some respite from it. You seriously go through so much, you are a proper warrior 💪.

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    • That’s exactly what it is! The pressure builds and builds until it feels like my guts are about to explode, then it very slowly dissipates. Warrior, eh? I think I’m more like a prisoner of war. Haha.

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      • I know exactly how u feel 😞, do you ever use heat on your belly? Only ask as I use a heat pad when blocking, seems to wake up the bowels (sometimes). Lmao prisoner of war, I like that 👍your be a prisoner of the toilet, once the partial starts moving lol 😱

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          • I’d be lost without my heat pad lol, though so have the odd burn mark from overdoing it 😂.
            Haha yep nothing like collecting all the thoughts whilst waiting on the porcelain throne 👑

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  4. Boo on the SBO, I gotta agree with yay for Manchild speaking up. My hubs fights with them for/about me too. Sometimes you just need back up.
    I’d say you deserve some vino for all the poking and prodding, but I’m afraid it won’t help the nausea. (But it’s juice, right?)

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  5. Jeeze, what a nightmare! I hope your SBO passes asap, I’ve had more than my share of those as well, NOT a fun time. Take care, hope you manage some down time in between all the busy!!

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