He’s a little husky

Meet Murphy…


Murphy was our Alaskan Husky-Shepherd mix foster pup during our first six months in Alaska.  If you want a dog who isn’t happy unless he’s dragging your ass across ice for 8 hours, this is the dog for you.

Picture 004

He had serious separation anxiety, but also got carsick so we couldn’t take him with us when we left the apartment.  His way of coping was to chew holes in the wall around the door.  Way to go Murphy!


He was a super sweet punk, and a great judge of character.  He wasn’t afraid to let shady people know how he felt about them.


He loved to eat his boogers.


Murphy see, Murphy do.


Murphy found his permanent home in fall of 2006.  I hope he’s well!  I miss his dopey face.

16 thoughts on “He’s a little husky

  1. Awwww….he is so cute, and what great pix! Shepherd-husky mix. Diametric opposites. The shepherd says, “Waddya want me to do now? Huh? Oh, THAT? I can do that. I can do it better! Faster! Right? Huh???”

    The husky says, “Upper U.S.”

    Are you having puppy longings? Spring will do that to a person….

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    • He was so much fun and all sorts of crazy. Running was his absolute favorite, but only if it was with his people. He got about 6 miles out of us each day the weather wasn’t complete crap.We tried to take him to a dog park so he could zip around unhindered, but he wouldn’t stray more than about 5 feet from us. He may have been trying to tell us we ate too much carrot cake and needed the exercise.

      I’m burnin’ up with the puppy fever.

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      • I think a puppy would do you worlds of good. Even when they misbehave you can’t help laughing (after you clean up), and what could be bad about a good laugh? The only thing is, they’re like kids…sick or well, they have their needs, and we are their slaves….

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                • 😦 big hugs for you, mi’lady. I’m sorry you’re in so much pain. Sometimes it seems like the boys go through PMS too! Do you have EDS? I don’t know if I’ve seen you mention it, or if my brain is making things up.

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                • Thanks for the hugs Kara, I’m sending them back to you! HUGS! 😀

                  My pain is due to the doctor’s mistake of not correctly diagnosing me for a partial dislocation (accident) of the hip. Week after week I was dimissed and even laughed at. 8 months later a privately paid physiotherapist re-aligned my hips but the damage was done. If I had the money I would sue. It has ruined my life.

                  Men can be immature, mine sulks for no reason! I say do you really want something to get upset about? Have my pain and disability!

                  I was mad at him for his flippant way of blaming ME for going on about HIM breaking my (musical) keyboard over a year ago. Music was a kind of therapy for me – I miss playing! I played since I was 16 and the piano since 11. He had thoughtlessly put his heavy bag on top of my keyboard…

                  And then he got me madder, if that was possible, lol. He said I should have done something which I couldn’t because of the pain.

                  I’m fed of trying to explain to him how this impacts me as he should know it by living with me, how it does. And like Ardwarrior’s post about guilt, I feel guilty every time when I try to explain when I can’t do something and need help. I was such an independant person before.

                  Thanks for listening dear friend. 🙂
                  I hope your Monday is going well. xo

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  2. We also fostered a Husky cross that was found roaming a highway far north. Insane separation anxiety as well as car sickness was why he couldn’t have his permanent home with people like us that have to commute so much. Amazingly cute and loyal family pet though! We still miss him on and off, but no way I could handle a big dog with that much energy permanently. At least you have the wonderful memories and were able to find him a great home, he’s a cutie pie!!

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    • Oh man, they definitely are high maintenance. I couldn’t handle that now either. We were considering adopting him, but he got rehomed before we made the decision. Probably for the best. If he ended up on a sled team, he’s probably the happiest dog alive now.

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