Strange Brains

I skipped my ortho appointment where we were supposed to discuss treatment for my fucked up back, but somehow convinced myself that seeing the neurologist was sort of imperative, thus I hobbled out of the house and made the commute (thanks SBO for temporarily decreasing bathroom time).  This was manchild’s first encounter with my current neurologist, and now he understands why I call Dr. Neuro a dick.  He’s a fucking Cylon.  My last seizure was over two weeks ago, if that’s what it actually was.  I told him my symptoms before each episode, as best as I could remember.  He clacked away on his keyboard, then did my exam.  I don’t have reflexes in my elbows now, whereas before it was my ankles, knees, and wrists that were without reflexes, so the neuropathy is ascending.  Fanfuckingtastic, right?

I had blood drawn for nutritional studies – several B vitamins, E, and trace mineral deficiencies can all contribute to this, and then I waited for about two hours for the EEG lab which had an opening.  I didn’t mind waiting around since that meant I wouldn’t have to go back later, but fucking hell, my guts were killing me.  After my scalp was scrubbed off in several places, the electrodes were placed and I “relaxed” there for about an hour as it Tivo’d my brain while doing deep breathing, reading, and looking at flashing lights.  I’m really sorry I didn’t take a picture afterward, because my hair was something special – all full of paste.  The tech gave me a towel and some no more tears shampoo and directed me to the bathroom.  Manchild helped me wash the paste out of my hair, which means more waffles for him this weekend!  We spent a little more time in the waiting room, and then got called back to Dr. Dick’s office.

He said my EEG was abnormal (something he called IED’s?), and did point to epilepsy.  Then he asked if I’ve had any symptoms in the past couple of days.  Other than feeling like complete shit, I told him I hadn’t felt that same fucked up gut feeling I had before my other two seizures.  Apparently I’ve had a seizure recently, but I didn’t even notice it.  That’s strange, and sort of scary.  I thought I was doing okay!  Like maybe it was a freakish occurrence.  I’m starting Gabapentin again, this time we’re aiming for a lower dosage than what was recommended for the neuropathic pain, but it’s still a lot more than I was taking before.  I guess I don’t have much choice but to get used to the side effects this time around.  The good news is I know for a fact I won’t need Trazodone to sleep anymore, so I can get rid of that one.

Speaking of pain, I can’t deal with my current pain level anymore so my pain med dose got  increased.  It’s still less than what I know works…stupid kidneys, but it’s twice as much as what I’m currently taking and I know it will help.  I’m so so tired of hurting, but pain seems to be my only constant so I have to learn how to live with it and not lose my mind.  On the other side of things, I haven’t been able to keep much down.  I’ll give it another day or two before I check myself in for fluids and see what they want to do about this obstruction.  It’s fucking miserable.  I hate whining, and I really wish I had some good news to share, but other than getting a modem and wifi upgrade, nothing good is happening here.  Manchild is on-call all weekend because his admin partner in crime conveniently forgot her CAC card at work.

Baby watch 2016 has commenced and that means the in-laws are only 3.5 hours away.  Ah, shit.

11 thoughts on “Strange Brains

  1. This is all so stupid. How many people’s karma are you burning off, dear? An army? Someone really horrible? They sure picked the right soldier for the job. I woulda been dead long ago, if I had been given your karma. Every time I piss and moan on my blog, there’s a pixie sitting on my shoulder whispering into my ear: “you wuss, look at Kara over there doing her incredibly painful and unpleasant, not to mention inconvenient, illnesses with grace, and with a modicum of style; while all you manage to do is whine like a six month old that just found out what hammers are for.” Damn pixies.

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    • Hahaha, oh my goodness. Spend a week with me, and you’ll see my grace consists of binge-watching sci-fi shows on Netflix, killing gnolls in World of Warcraft, and setting up an audience of stuffed animals to complain to. And sometimes I drink too much wine (as if ‘too much wine’ is actually a thing;)). Anything but dealing with reality. You, my friend, are anything but a wuss. Shit, had I tried to make it through medical school, I’m sure my brain would have actually exploded. And look at you traveling the country while your body is disintegrating!

      Damn pixies is right, though. So cute. Like termites.


      • Tell you what, if I happen to pass through your berg, I will supply you with your choice of treats as long as they’re not popcorn, and will happily do days of marathon vintage sci fi. The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! THEM! Food of the Gods! Reefer Madness (I keep trying to watch this but it’s sooooo stupid I fall asleep or want to slap all those people silly.

        Uh oh, sleep meds are working. Night!

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  2. What you need is a plunger. A gold plunger made for humans, not toilets. It would suck that obstruction right out of you. Hey, I wonder if Donald Drumpf has one?

    The next thing you need is the special bud that’s helping so many kids that suffer from epilepsy. High-CBD strain called Charlotte’s Web, I believe. Maybe you could write to the dispensary that makes it in Colorado, asking for special consideration. And you could write to the Drug Policy Alliance and NORML and see if they would support you as a medical cannabis refugee, maybe with some legal assistance. Those people can write to politicians about your case, as politicians only listen to people with money and influence. There’s also plenty of veteran’s groups working for access to cannabis, so you could write to them, too.

    And your husband, as your caregiver, should be able to use it, too. Less anxiety and stress, and all that jazz. And just think how mellow your in-laws would be with just a little bit of medicine. 🙂

    If only Oz was real… Back in Kansas, I guess there’s only a very small chance that any of those ideas would bear fruit. But I have to say, you have a better chance than most, because you’re white and pretty. Might as well use those attributes for good, right? 🙂

    I suppose smoking a joint before a visit from your in-laws would just make you paranoid. But still, with enough experience, I can see how a bud brownie could make the visit seem less… less… just less. 😀

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    • He needs somethin’, that’s for sure. The only time pot made me paranoid was when I was in the car as a passenger. 30mph felt way too fucking fast! I’ve actually taken phenergan when the in-laws are here as a means of escape. I’m terrible, but the shit works. Nothing bothers me when I’m asleep. When/if Ohio gets MMJ, I’m making sure my Dad gets in line. I have yet to try Marinol, so I may start there since most people won’t freak out about it. Ideally, I would reclaim my color changing pipe and put it back to work. It was so pretty. My precious.

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    • I had a tiny bit of pinot last night and it put me in my happy place for a little while. Wondrous stuff, that fermented grape juice.

      How are you doing? Breathing any easier now?

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        • Excellent! This year has been a little whack, and we’re only 4 months into it. Should be interesting to see what other shit falls from the sky. My husband got picked up for NCOA starting Monday of next week, and they confirmed no family allowed in lodging. Crrrrrrap.


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