I broke my brain

Pork, truck neglect, and manchild.  I missed the whole topic by a mile!  “My ex-sharp tongue” meant to say my brain is slowing to a crawl, and my speech is slurred.  Duh, me.  I’m a little distractable.

I’m not a fan of Gabapentin.  It’s all of the parts I hate about being drunk, and none of the good ones.

So much information came hurtling at me, I have no idea where to start or how to approach it.  Right now I’m standing at a distance poking this pile of stuff with a stick.


The boss people presented manchild with a notification that his name is up for Officer academy.  He was an alternative at the beginning of his eligibility, then took off for a year.

I asked him about ncoa recently because I’m itching for a vacation from him.  Sorry dude.  My pom-poms are getting worn out.  Initially he thought they do it here, but after listening to him bitch for an hour, and with a 10% comprehension rate because my brain is fucking borked, all that stuck was that this schooling will take place in Florida and will begin on April 4.

He wants to take me with him, but lodging is a problem since it’s reserved for the number of service members attending and they do 2 idiots per room.  If he were to smuggle me in, I’d be sharing a standard hotel room with two man-things.  They smell bad.  I don’t wanna think about it.  PT every day, 5 days a week, for an entire month.  A big bloom of ball-stank will envelop the room.

I have alternatives, of course.  Alt. 1, They put him in TLF, which is basically like a mini apartment for service members and their families.  This is a great option.

Alt. 2, I stay here after being sufficiently stocked with chocolate and TP.  I also like this option.  The problem is being more or less stranded.  I would have to cancel my appointments, and most likely my sister would cancel her travel plans because I’m worthless as a chauffeur.

Alt. 3, I stay with e-chon (my brother from another mother ship) who happens to live 2 hours away from Tyndall.  He has 3 dogs, and a private back yard with a swimming pool.  I’m curious to see if I float or sink.  I could determine my witchiness. Pups, pool, and one of my favorite people.  I like this option the best.  There are a few issues I can think of.  Imposition and the very real possibility his SO wouldn’t be too happy to have one of her boytoy’s nutless friends over for an entire month.  He offered, but I refuse to do anything that might strain their relationship.  The other big one is dealing with multiple interrogations from people who think I’m trash for staying at another manchild’s house for that long.  I suppose I have the option of saying it’s none of their business, and all people of consequence were completely fine with it.


He’s that kind of friend

Alt. 4, I stay in Ohio with my parents. Hahahahahaha…no, nope, nuh uh, fuck no.  As unwilling as I am to consider it, I have to leave this as a possibility.

Alt. 5, Ohio comes to me, then acts as New Hampshire’s chauffeur and gives the vagrant a little peace of mind since her health issues ate after midnight and multiplied out of control.  That works too.  Now that I’m referring to myself in third person, I think my brain is tapped.

It took me all day to come up with this, and I haven’t even thought about the other shit yet.  Manchild thought I’d be upset about his orders, but he obviously doesn’t realize how few shits I give since my upgrade to version 3.3.  I told him to do what he needs to do (like his laundry – didn’t say it. Wanted to).  He thanked me for being so relaxed about the whole thing, which made him feel better for a whole 5 minutes.

He was at my throat all night through no fault of mine.  I decided to watch Netflix in bed instead of on the PC because he kept snapping at me whenever I tried to talk to him.  Someone is angry about something, and I’m an easy target.  Keep that in mind.  Having a bad day?  Kara the scapegoat at your service!


Yes, I still know the difference between a frog and a goat.  I’m not that far gone yet!



11 thoughts on “I broke my brain

  1. Netflix while may not be a broke brain fix, it sure is the next best thing. Hope you are able to muddle out your thoughs and that the hubs figured out for himself why he’s being such a turd.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wouldn’t mind camping out by myself for a month. I did it last year, and it was nice! Only had my own BS to deal with, although there were times I had to be rescued because I like to break myself. By my count, I’ve still got 6 lives to spend. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • i hear yah … it sounds like pure bliss!!! but for the broken bits, i put my kids on redial for those occasions … although I’m abit more mobile now which is cooollll … not sure how you’d fix you without assistance though … oh, i know … what about one of those home help/cleaning service thingys; but they’re nicely buffed half naked hot dudes???!!! Maybe they could check up on yah? 😉 and bring chocolate?! … and six lives is shitloads lol

        Liked by 1 person

          • Exactly!!! What more could you ask for [except the obvious lol] … a whole month of that! Probably do you the world of good … do me the world of good actually … might look into that lol


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