Test Results & Assmunchers

I’ve gotten mostly good news from doctors regarding test results.  My liver biopsy looks good with only mild fibrosis and is likely to get better with drug therapy, my kidney function has also gone up – by almost double of what it was.  Hell yeah!  Crohn’s is still not working with me, and my body is lacking quite a few nutrients.  When I go in for my iron infusion, they’re adding MVI to it, which ideally I’d have done weekly, but it looks like I’ll be gone for a month so after this week it will have to wait.  The cardiologist has switched me to florinef for POTS since I’ve had no appreciable response to propranolol.

I’ve got a UTI brewing, so antibiotics it is.  Uh-gain.  They’ve tried to prescribe antibiotics every time I have WBC’s in my urine, but I’ve only accepted on one occasion because they ‘made me do it’.  All other times, they were asymptomatic and spontaneously resolved.  Since I’m on two immune suppressors, and an immune modulator, I’m not going to take any chances that a UTI could go to my kidneys.  It seems like a smart move.  Oh, and all of that IV salt water got my bowels moving again.  I feel much better, but I’m sticking with low residue foods for now.  I don’t want a repeat.

Tomorrow I have to request a 60 day supply of meds since I’ll be homeless until the end of May.  After Florida, I have to go to a graduation in West Virginia.  Lodging for him is single only, no family allowed.  That would just makes things too easy.  Assmunchers.  I talked to e-chon who will be talking to his happy about me staying there with them for a few weeks, but I feel weird and like it’s too much to ask.  I have a lot of baggage.  Both literal and figurative.  If I stay here with company, or spend the month in Ohio, I’ll still have to fly down to meet him in Florida before his “graduation”.  Plane tickets are expensive, and trying to catch a connecting flight when I’m not a very capable or fast walker makes me nervous.  I’ve got 2 days to figure this shit out while trying to pack for 2 different climates and clean house for guests if I stay here.  Fuuuuck.  They always wait until last minute!

*dusts off the box of sudafed*


10 thoughts on “Test Results & Assmunchers

    • Thanks! These military people are a little out of touch. We got our orders to Maryland (lived in SC at the time) 2 weeks before he had to leave for Korea. Had to pack up, find a place, get the house ready for sale and on the market, then move into the new apartment that was an 8 hour drive from where we lived. That was beyond crazy. We pulled into the driveway after 50+ hours with no sleep, I went upstairs and immediately passed out on the floor. No pillow or anything, just me on my back. I woke up 12 hours later. Best floor nap ever.

      If they do that to us again, I’m chaining myself to the house. I won’t budge unless they rewrite that crap to give us a normal human amount of time! We’ve got an operational handicap too, but they think the EFMP is enough. Sure, the medical system can almost handle me, but that fucking move almost killed me. I’m still recovering a year and a half later. Whoa, sorry about the rant. I feel better now 😉

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      • I cannot even imagine!!!! I mean, I have moved many times, as I’m sure you have, but just the thought of what you had to do puts me on edge because I know what a daunting task it is. Whatever happens, I am rooting for you.

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  1. May the Florinef be with you, too! I really hope that makes you feel better in so many ways. Having the vapors all the time has to put the kabosh on….just about everything.

    I hear you about airports. But lo! You are ill, and therefore you merit a wheelchair with your own special genie who will whisk you from the very door to your gate, bypassing all lines, whizzing through security, and delivering you to your flight, for the merest gratuity (I usually give them a twenny cause, wow). A different issue is missing your treatments for a month, which bothers me. I would hate to see you lose ground, especially with the stress of travel, being away from home, all that kind of thing. It’s a lot to have to juggle, isn’t it?

    I know what! You could actually come out west and have that Albuquerque party we’ve all been talking about! If you have to fly anyway, right????

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    • I’m trying to get some things done today, and thhhhhhhpt. 5 minutes of being up and doing stuff followed by 15 minutes of rest. It’s slow going, but it’s better than doing nothing at all.

      I think a change of scenery will be nice, wherever I end up. Although, I’d argue the Albuquerque crowd is much more fun!

      Life is rarely boring, that’s for sure. I’m looking at it as an adventure, whereas he’s looking at it as yet another thing he doesn’t want to do.

      I’m trying to help shine a little light on his perspective – it’s a break from all of his underlings and asshole bosses at work, and a break from being my caretaker. His days will be short and structured so he can go out and HAVE FUN. Poor guy doesn’t even know what that word means anymore.

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