Crack-mode engaged



How cool would it be if I could just click on my clothes in a picture, and they fold themselves and tetris their way into the bag?  That needs to be a thing.  Medication, medical record summaries, emesis bags, and the leaning tower of nudie slayers.

My collection of food is on the kitchen table, cooler will be packed tomorrow morning, and manchild laundry will be rotating continuously for the next 12 hours.  Apart from stuffing things into bags, it’s all organized into piles, so the work is mostly done.  We don’t need no stinkin’ sleep.  Although….when I finish doing our taxes, I’m going to take a nap because I’m hallucinating.  I haven’t seen ceiling monkeys yet, and I hope to keep it that way! Creepy fuckers. 😑

The maintenance man who let himself in and yelled “maintenance” 5 times at the top of his lungs was no hallucination.  Holy hell, I about wet myself.  It’s spring inspection time, and they didn’t bother to leave notices this year, so it was completely unexpected.  I had to run for pants.  Don’t judge.  Some of us like to pack all of our PJs before trips, and run around pantless to save dirty clothes from piling up.  Dude ruined it.

12 thoughts on “Crack-mode engaged

    • I didn’t say, so you’re okay 😉

      I’m going to Blohio to test my resiliency. My sister will be spending a week there, rather than flying to DC so my parents will have someone else to pick on. Flarduh kid seemed disappointed, but I feel like I’m on the cusp of another health crisis (could just be the heat, lack of sleep, nerves, or all of the above) and I don’t want to put them through that. Or anyone. Hmm, I should stay here.

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      • Yikes, the thought of you traveling with your SBO hovering around gives me the fantods. Where does the scenario of your sister coming to stay with you fit in?

        You need a houseboy in silk pajamas to bring you tea and toast on a tray as you lounge about. Not going somewhere stressful, away from your medical support team. Just sayin’, don’t mind me.

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        • I’m a little nervous meself. I’ll be fairly close to the Cleveland Clinic, so in case of emergency , I’ll be well taken care of. Probably better than the care I receive here.

          My sister was going to stay with me for a week and go sightseeing with friends she has in the area, but I won’t be able to get her on base without Mr. Manchild here. She decided to meet me in the armpit of America instead of trying to find a hotel during the cherry blossom fest and nuclear summit (wow, what a combo!). I love the midwest, can’t you tell?

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          • OK, that makes me feel better. The Land of Cleve. Ah yes. I built a pediatric emergency department in Slima, lived there five years. Did time in Toledo as a child, seven years. Ten years in Illinois. The Mysterious Midwest. Did you live there, or just your parents? Didn’t realize you live on base.

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  1. I have to admit, seeing that photo of all those delicious drugs made my heart stop for a brief second. I know they’re not painkillers, but to my eyes, it looks like a bucket full of pain relief. 🙂

    “A recent study showed that a lack of sleep was directly responsible for all the misery in the world…” Me

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    • Drugs for migraine pain, nerve pain, muscle pain, AND emotional pain. It’s all there. Act now, and I’ll throw in a bottle of protonix for free!

      That’s a good quote. I intend to file it away for future reference.

      How’s you is? All ready for moving day?

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