Relax! You’re turning green.

Rant warning!

First, a picture.


It’s 80 degrees today.  I have a teensy case of heat intolerance, and even after blasting the AC, being on my feet feels like a flat out sprint.  Add fucking hulk rage to that and I didn’t even need to check to know I crossed over into the 200bpm range.

My husband is being a goddamn idiot.  He wants to take the truck.  It’s supposed to rain the whole way back.  There isn’t enough room in the cab to fit everything that needs to stay dry. So it looks like I’ll have to unpack everything to dry when I get there. There’s plenty of room in the golf, and it gets 52mpg instead of 12mpg.

The truck is not a fucking road trip vehicle.  I’ve said all I can say, but he’s going to do what he wants.  He’s so driven to do irrational things, I just don’t get it.

He spent all yesterday evening and night fucking around with his new laptop instead of getting himself ready to go.  Because I’m just as big of an idiot, I picked up the slack and I’m paying for it big time.

I spent most of the morning puking my guts out, then when that shit finally stopped it was already 500 degrees in the house, so most of the day was spent flat on my back with a fan blasting me in the face to keep my heart from exploding.

He said we’d be leaving at 8pm, but changed it to 12am.  I was so whipped by the time he got home from work, that I was ready for a nap, then he said, “oh, by the way…truck.”.  I can’t sleep now because I’m pissed.

It’s not just about the truck.  It’s that he doesn’t listen.  I’ve been in plenty of situations with him where he does stupid shit according to everyone but himself, but he does it anyhow because he’s so convinced he’s right.

I love him, but fucking hell, I want to whack him the the head with a big stick.  See if I can’t fix that weird, miswired brain of his.

10 thoughts on “Relax! You’re turning green.

  1. I have to be honest; it’s not just illogical, it’s self-centered and self-serving thinking. I keep getting images of him being stationary on the couch playing with his new computer and occasionally sipping on a coffee cup while you fly around the room and heave off-camera, like one of those time-lapse videos.

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  2. Men are stupid. Period. They have to think “them” until honestly its too late, and we’re stuck living with it. I can sympathize, I really hope he gets his shit together (after procrastinating till LAST MINUTE OF COURSE) before you leave. As for the heat… We are in the process of getting yet another foot of snow…. I’m actually a little jealous.

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    • Haha, I said the exact same thing to my Mom when I talked to her earlier. She was attempting to understand his logic. He tells me all the time women are crazy. Maybe so, but we’re far more practical. I think it’s the guys who make us crazy…

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      • One can only stay sane so long when dealing with that much stupid! Good thing they usually have other traits that end up making up for it in the long run, or else the human race would be doomed.

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    • I know it. That pisses me off too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought to myself ‘next time he’s on his own’, but end up doing it all over again. He sent me a text from work this morning and asked me to reboot his new laptop. He’s lucky I didn’t throw the fucking thing into the street.

      Bonus: 6 week vacation from him!


      • Have you tried CodA, which is Codependents Anonymous? I went a few times. It was really helpful. The reason I only went a few times was that my controlling narcissist husband insisted on GOING WITH ME and I thought that was kinda cute, sooooo… didn’t work out. He allowed as how he was MUCH more codependent than me, uh huh, so he went an extra few times by himself, because I was the one who was fucked up. Right-o. Another learning experience! I hate to think what will happen to your boy-o once he gets his decorations. Seems like he’s got the CO thing working for him💣

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  3. Im with your mate two comments up ^ … all men are stupid. Period. (Except my grandson, and nephew, theres still hope for them!). And it must be the season as we’ve just had a night of it … for similar reasons as yours … dumbass decided it would be a good idea to go to the bank as i was part way through a panic attack … his reasoning later on … ‘you said you wanted a heads up when i was going off to something’ …. ahhhh … and then all the other points went quickly out the window as i breathed deeply and battled thoughts of rearranging his face!!!
    You have my sympathies … and 6 weeks of holiday sounds Blissssful 🙂 ENJOY!

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  4. I really do feel for you 😞, people who have no negotiation or scope for movement in thoughts really do wind me up. All about the control at the end of the day. I really hope you feel a little better soon.

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