Day 1

Welcome to the adjustment period.  I miss my solitude.  I wish I would’ve stayed home, but I guess that wasn’t an option.  “She basically can’t be left alone.” Uh huh.  Right.  I’m not an invalid, ffs.

My parents are both retired so they’ll be here too often.  Mom talks a lot.  I already knew this, but I’m out of practice.  I’ve diffused one fight already, and wouldn’t you know it, I brought a copy of the Art of War and the Art of Peace with me.  I shit ye not. 😉


War  must be more important.


Mophead is way overdue for a trip to the groomer.  I tried to brush her today, but she went all rabid badger on me.  She has small dog syndrome.  Gets away with entirely too much because she’s tiny, which has turned her into a tyrant.  I don’t fuss over her, in fact, I mostly ignore her.  She seems to like it because she spent most of the day lounging on the bed with me.  I’m safe and neutral until I come at her with a brush.  I couldn’t help it.  She looks so skanky and matted.

I don’t know why being here makes me so antsy, or why the time seems to drag impossibly slow.  Explain it to me, Einstein.



10 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. I live with my father so I understand. We’ve had a few bad days lately. One fight we have repeatedly is about the new dog. He has to be neutered. It costs $200. I need glasses and contact lenses. I don’t have a pair of glasses and I’m down to my last pair of contacts. The exam and everything will set me back about $400. Then he yelled at me about the dog’s nails being too long. I’ve tried everything to cut this dog’s nails. I started when he was a pup playing with his feet and letting him smell the nail clippers. Nothing has worked. He flips out to the point I think he’s going to hurt himself. I try not to let the dog pick up on my anxiety because I had a Chihuahua that went into a seizure when the Vet tried to clip his nails. She also dislocated his leg. It was horrible! Good luck with everything. If your parents are anything like my dad you’ll need it. lol

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    • Nails are tough, even when the dog is willing. We had a terrier who would basically go into a daze and lay on her back while my husband clipped her nails, and he’d still knick a vessel once in a while. My parents dog is impossible, so she goes to a groomer every couple of months. They have to use a cat muzzle on her because she hates to be touched anywhere behind her shoulders. Those tiny teeth are sharp!

      My Dad is a real treat. PTSD, severe depression, narcissism, and has anger control issues. I sort of have to ignore him most of time, or else it seeps in and I react in a way that really gets him going. He can’t control himself, but luckily I can control myself most of the time. Fortunately my Mom is his complete opposite, but she is extremely anxious so she can be a little overwhelming. I think I like Sheldon’s idea…try to avoid them. Haha.


      • Today is a weird day. Everything is racing. My heart, my head, my hands are shaking too. Of course my dad insists I didn’t take my meds correctly! lol He doesn’t realize I feed off of his anxiety. His mood effects me. My mom could calm him down and was the loud, out going one. She ordered for him in restaurants! She spoke for him often and now that she has passed he doesn’t know how to cope in the outside world. I wish it wasn’t snowing here so I could avoid him! A cat muzzle! lol One Vet tried to put a Hannibal Lecter type leather mask on my 5 pound Chihuahua. It did not go well. I was so upset I had to go outside. She was the one that made him have a seizure and dislocated his leg. I regret not complaining or doing something about her. She really had no clue what she was doing he hadn’t even tried to bite she was going by their reputation. Idiots.

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        • I hear ya, lady. I’m sorry you had such a rough day. I’ve been there too. I hope it improves for you soon. I’m sure you realize his behavior isn’t your fault, but I know that doesn’t make it any easier to live through. I hope you can take a little time for yourself to just relax and breathe!

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          • Thank you! It’s been a little better. When I sat my dad down and looked in his eyes I told him “You’re not the Dad I love and respect anymore.” He started crying and apologized. He knows his behavior has been unacceptable. If only my brother and sister would help out!

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  2. Do you really read all that? 😉 it’s looks terrifying. 😮
    Living with parents as an adult is an awkward thing…although my dad used to name me Child. I always have to tread carefully round my mum as I often say/do the wrong thing. It’s tiring but I love her, and she shows her love in other ways.

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    • It’s good stuff, more like Chinese proverbs than a manuals on war or peace. My parents have their moments, and we do get along better than we used to but they still know exactly what buttons to push to make me angry. Not nice!

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