Not as much as I love noodles

It snowed today, which was a nice treat.  The weather was about 20 degrees cooler than predicted.  Better snow than rain, in my opinion.  Mom complained about how much she misses Florida and the palm trees until I told her that’s where all of the cockroaches hide.

“Do ya miss palm trees now?”

“Ewww, no!”

Doing what I can to make Ohio seem less shitty.  There was a news report on this evening about the emergence of the 17 year cicadas, and here she thought I was fucking with her.  Would I do that?  Naaaah.  Estimated numbers are in the trillions, and apparently they’re delicious.  To pets.  My possum loved them, and I seem to remember the cats eating locusts and June bugs.  Thinking about the crunch makes me shudder.

I’ve not been feeling particularly well, and I don’t like being asked if I’m okay 50 times a day.  What is okay, anyhow?  I know they’re concerned, but guys…it isn’t helping me at all when I can’t just do what I do without being questioned.  It is the antithesis of chill.  I don’t dislike people when I can go home after I’ve had my fill.

My Dad offered to drive me home so manchild doesn’t have to add 7 hours to his trip back to DC, also so I don’t have to suffer through another trip in the f’ruck.  He can take me back May 1, which gives me a whole 15 days of QUIET.  Yesssssss.  I just have to make it through the next 26 days.  No problem, man.  Just roll me through the liquor store.

11 thoughts on “Mondayne

  1. Sorry about the P’s. I’ve always had a vehicle when visiting mine, and it gives me the fantods to think of you stuck there. I’m sure it gives YOU a bigger case of the fantods!

    Cicadas, yay! One time when I lived in central Illinois there was an outbreak, er, I mean, emergence, and they were knee high on the sidewalk, so the city sent crews out with leaf blowers and blew them into the gutters so the next time it rained the streets flooded. Nice going, City of Champaign, or was it Urbana, I don’t remember.

    I’d like to say something encouraging like “hang in there,” you know, but I know you’re doing your best, just want you to know I’m in your corner and if you need some vent time I’m around.

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    • Thanks, and I may take you up on that! I love ’em, but sure don’t want to live with ’em.

      I wish I could drive. Life is so much easier that way. I did a quick search a while ago on how I might go about modifying the car so I can drive it. I found hand controls and pedal extensions, but maybe even spacing the pedals out and driving with both feet would work. I had to fumble with the turn signal and cruise buttons, but had no issues with steering during the day. It’s the not being able to discern foot position and feel for the gas/brake pedal that make it dangerous. I’m sure manchild will be happy to assist in getting me mobile again since it would mean less work for him.


      • The ADA (find their stuff under the Department of Justice website) should have resources for vehicle modification. Many insurance plans will pay for a vehicle mod. There are hoops to jump through, but it’s worth it.

        I don’t remember (anything at all these days…) oh yeah, I don’t remember whether you have my email. It’s moxadox (at) gmail. Email me, and we can get together on the phone/Skype/Hangouts/whatever. I’m heading for the Grand Canyon finally, tomorrow. I’ve only been camping 79 miles from there for six weeks! But I waited to get my “you are fucking old” pass so I don’t have to pay $30 for the privilege of entering the park. Anyway, I might camp there, in which case I will have internet/cell service, or I might camp in the wilderness, in which case I have no idea😮. I wish they had an emoji for Zippy the Pinhead (yow!), but I guess that’s politically incorrect, but that’s what I feel like. Pinhead, I mean. I’ve always been P.I.


  2. I stepped on a cockroach barefoot once, the most horrific crunching feeling ever! It’s pretty rare to find them just out and about in these parts, I guess I got lucky….

    It’s funny how often ‘well’ people feel obligated to ask “are you ok?” When clearly the reason they ask is because we’re looking tired, run down, nauseous, in pain etc. It’s like a big fat “hey you look like shit”. I’m sure once you’re back home you’ll be very happy for the peace and quiet and solitutde. Good luck making it til then 😉

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  3. But are you “ok”? , Soz couldn’t resist. Love the snow, I’m a winter person so the cold is awesome 😀.
    Hope you’re feeling a little better now. At least you ain’t gotta do the whole truck thing on the trip home, now find a hill for momentum and get yourself to the nearest booze seller 🍻😀

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