Caramel shittos

Popcorn is one of those foods that destroy me.  Manchild bought me a big bag of caramel corn for the trip, but I told him he’d better hang on to that so I don’t kill myself.  I found some stuff at the store yesterday called caramel dittos.  Basically caramel corn puffs.  No kernels, so I figured it’d be safe.  Nein.  At least they were good, otherwise that was a whole lot of suffering for nothin’.

It stormed today, so I had a bathroom buddy hiding behind the toilet.  I’m sure she was having just as shitty of a time as I was.  That’s ground zero, and I assume even though she has a short snout, her sense of smell is still sensitive.  Although, what dog doesn’t like the smell of ass?  Maybe it was relaxing.

I finished Battlestar Galactica and I’m a bit lost for entertainment.  My laptop doesn’t run games very well, so I reckon it’s book time.  Mom is throwing diet books at me trying to get my un-professional opinion.  Eat right for your blood type, the 17 day diet, and other equally ridiculous stuff.  A healthy diet isn’t rocket science.  Those books do an amazing job of misinforming while confusing the hell out of people.  That’s two people who want me to be their dietitian.  If they saw how I eat, they may not have much trust in my abilities.  Peanut butter cups and French fries for all.

4 thoughts on “Caramel shittos

  1. I miss popcorn. I can’t eat it because when it gets stuck in between my teeth, it hurts. And caramel corn is the best. Cracker Jacks for everyone! (And I’ll take a side of thick and greasy french fries, please.)

    For a second, I thought your bathroom buddy was an alligator. 🙂

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  2. Used to love toffee popcorn, alas they no longer love me. Snack a jacks were another favourite, but again we had a messy divorce lol.
    Go for a compremise & Caramelise your french fries 🙂 What could possibly go wrong?

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  3. I am also having a hard time finding things to watch or read! I had an actual panic attack over it last night! Corn products no longer like me due to Celiac Disease. Milk is a problem now too. Doesn’t leave me with much! The price of Gluten Free food is outrageous. Even if I ate fresh fruit and vegetables it would be expensive. Unfortunately junk is cheaper.

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