Turn it up to TENS

I’m a thief.  I’m trying to talk my parents out of their recumbent bike because it has been sitting since they moved into this house without being used.  That’s how I ended up with a new Xbox 360.  Mom got it to use the kinect exercise games, but decided she’d rather have a Wii.  She got a Wii and doesn’t use that either.  After I got her an exercise ball and resistance bands because “if I had those I’d exercise”, and they haven’t been pulled out of the box 3 years later, I realized she just likes to have an excuse to not exercise so there’s no point since she’ll always come up with a reason.  Not that we even have a place to put a bike in my house unless I give up the treadmill.  I don’t know how many thousands of miles I’ve put on that thing.  I hate to give it up since it still gets periodic use when manchild is getting ready for a PT test.

I started my infamous chili recipe, but I won’t be having any out of fiber fear.  I had some rice chex and yogurt and have no idea what I want to eat for dinner.  I’ll probably start with a foofy Seagram’s beverage and let the alcohol decide what I want to eat.


Dad got a TENS unit for his back pain, but doesn’t want to use it, so apparently it belongs to me now.  It only has 4 electrodes and I think I need 8 to do both legs at a time, but maybe I can get the right nerves with only 2.  We’ll see.  It’s an inexpensive unit, and replacement pads are cheap, so it’s worth a try.  I say yes to anything that has the potential to reduce pain.

Manchild is not enjoying his time away.  He said it’s basic training all over again and his time is not his own.  So much for it being a vacation.  Bummer.

24 thoughts on “Turn it up to TENS

  1. I tried a TENS unit multiple times, but for me, there was no effect (except for irritation). But some pain patients say that it helps. And if the unit helps, you might look into a spinal cord stimulator — it’s approved by the FDA and everything! (As if that makes a difference.)

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    • This says not for use on face or front of neck. Did you have to use it on the back of your neck? I know there are different models for specific uses, so I guess this one was built mainly for back pain. I like to be electrocuted, so it’ll be fun either way. Heh. I watched a video on YouTube of two Swedish dudes trying to bake a cake while their arms were hooked up to TENS and cranked to the max setting. Holy crap, it was so funny.

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      • I used the unit a long time ago, way before there were so many different kinds. And I can’t remember where it was attached, as I’m trying to forget all the useless treatments I went through.

        I don’t think I’d like being electrocuted, considering the experience of static shocks is so irritating. Does everyone get shocked when they touch a stream of water out of the faucet? Or is it just me?

        You watched a funny video, but you won’t share the link? I think your parents are a bad influence on you. 🙂

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        • I get zapped by water too during winter when the air is dry. I’ve been using my phone to post, and it makes me lazier. 😉

          Parents…best relationship when kept at a distance. It’s nice of them to put up with my water usage for such a long time. I’m going to need therapy when this is over.

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  2. I’ve a TENS, it seems to lower my pain. I’m never quite sure WHERE to stick the sticky things though?! 😮
    It’s irritating I’m having to remember when wearing it though…almost dropped it in the toilet a couple of times! 😀 xo

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  3. The partner has one of those contraptions … think its been used thrice by him in 2 years and apparently he says it doesn’t work (for back pain) … it gave me great joy though, when he was being a pain in my ass … hooked him up while he was asleep and turned that bitch aallll the way up 😉

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  4. Hey gurl..
    The good ol tens unit I see lol.. I have one and my dad also has one.. Mine is still pretty new and I do use it here and there lol.. my best advice is first I do not know if your has a clip to clip on yor shorts or pants but that helps from falling in toilet since that had happen to my old one lol..
    Each of mine has 2 pads one for left side and the other the right side with a total of 4 pads ..I would only put two pads on one thigh at a time place them not close to each other that way you have enough for both legs and I do not think that they want more than 2 pads in the same area (not sure) also do not leave it on to long from experience the next day you will feel even more in pain or at least I did but than again I did have it on pretty high at times while cleaning lol ….On another note it does feel good at the time but at times I did feel like it made my pain more aggravated …..Oh also you probably know that with a little soap or just a little water on your fingers you can rub the water on the pads (sticky side) and they will stick like new…
    In the end again it is a love hate relationship when I use it I feel it helps a little but not enough and when I am hurting I have the tendency to put the left and right levels pretty high so I pay for it the next day so I guess it just takes time to figure out how long is to long and how high is to high for me..
    Does yours have different systems to where you can have it pulse or tingle things like that..those help for me since I may have different pain on each side of my back.. hope yours has that..and again try the 2 pads on one thigh and 2 pads on the other… or the back ….
    Now after reading the comments I so want to shock someone with this that is asleep….hmmmmmmm hahahah (evil laugh)
    hope you are doing better my dear

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    • Wowee, thanks for all of the info! I know nothing about them beyond what I read in the manual. I’m sure when I talk to my back doctor, he’ll have a better idea of how to position them for neuropathy leg pain. There’s a map for back pain, sciatica, knee pain, but no map for “fucking everything pain” haha. I loved my treadmill. Dirt cheap on Craigslist! Moving them is no fun though.

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      • Anytime I can help gurl not a problem at all I am glad to help…..yeah ask the Dr for sure where to put that for that kind of pain .. I don;t want to suggest …
        Yeah I heard they are heavy lol maybe I need to walk at night no never mind out in the country and scary movies come to mind fuck that lol…but I do need to start walking… hell I don’t know..lol..

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