Who moved the ground?

I’m a freakin’ weeble-wobble, but unlike a weeble-wobble, I do fall over.  I’m inclined to blame the Gabapentin.  Who really knows though.  Something in the air has had me stuffed up since I arrived.  I’m allergic to my parents?  I had to whip out my pimp cane and with my grip being as crappy as it is, I found wrapping the handle with bat grip tape to be a huge help.  Having an extra point connected to the ground is nice when I haven’t got a human to lean on.

I wish I knew the how and the why of my neurological problems.  If nothing else, it would make it easier to explain to people.  I’d feel a little better about it too.  It’s the unknowns that have a way of planting seeds of anxiety.  I fight it just fine, but it’s impossible to handle when two specific old people stack their anxiety on top of mine.  Oy.

I’m redirecting their nervous energy to prepare themselves for assman’s surgery next week.  We got him some soups and glucerna shakes to keep him out of the h’anger zone.  I ate pureed food and slimfast for three weeks after I got my wisdom teeth chiseled out of my face.  He’s getting all of his teeth pulled.  Ugh.  I don’t even want to think about that. :/

The dog got a haircut yesterday and now she looks like a rat.  She’s still my shadow even though I renamed her Ugly.  She doesn’t care what I call her.  It’s attention.

My sister is on the road today.  It’s about a 14 hour drive from New Hampshire and depending on the weather, she may stay over in PA tonight.  It has been spitting snow here all morning.  Yay snow!


4 thoughts on “Who moved the ground?

  1. I seem to have a lot of allergies, but I don’t think I’ve ever had the side effects of dizziness or vertigo, so I’m not sure you can blame your allergies for that. Funny, I didn’t realize you were in PA — where I was born ( Pittsburgh). 🙂

    Do you think dogs care about how they look, or how they feel? I met a neighbor’s dog yesterday, a fairly big dog (photo to come). And after I petted him, my hand was full of hair — not a pleasant experience. (Achoooooo!) And then the dog’s momma says she’s got two other big dogs inside her apartment. I’m like, if you really loved dogs, you wouldn’t make them live in an apartment. 🙂

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    • I’m actually in Ohio. My sister stops in Erie if she decides not to drive all the way through. I almost went to the Art Institute in Pittburgh, but housing was an issue.

      I don’t think dogs care. Chloe seemed to enjoy being a matted mess. She liked to hang out in the yard even when it was raining or chilly. Now that she’s naked, she’s cold. The groomer said the mats were all the way down to her skin so she completely buzzed her.

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  2. me and vertigo have been buds for a few years now … first they thought it was neurological; then viral; then allergies; then hyperventilation thing-a-me syndrome; then BPPV … another words they don’t know … and a lot (say 3/4 ) of the meds they prescribed for these, caused anxiety and vertigo!! Yes you read that right lol. I have noticed though, the less anxious i am the more the vertigo lessens … except at ‘that time of the month’, so i put it down to hormones, and just roll with it. I guess that doesn’t really help you?! 🙂
    Sympathies though, vertigo is shit!

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