Now I’ve done it

I don’t know how I can be bored here when I’m doing the exact same stuff I do at home.

Windows 10 has been harassing me to upgrade my laptop since it released.  I “upgraded” my PC first and decided Win 10 is an obnoxious piece of shit.  Something new stops working after every single update.  No fucking way would I put that crap on my laptop.  Right?


Incidental selfie – showing a little ankle skin.  Woo-woo!

Wrong.  I was so bored, I chose to break the laptop so I can spend too much time trying to fix it.  Buh-bye, 7.  I shall miss you. launcher keeps crashing, thus begins the struggle.  I asked for it.


15 thoughts on “Now I’ve done it

  1. womp womp q_q

    10 is getting better, s-l-o-w-l-y yet surely. the weirdest ‘ish used to happen some months ago. but hey! there’s built in emoji, so publishing stuff on the web is 420% moar kawaii on Windows! lol.

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  2. Heh. It’s either be a slave to Windows and its perpetual troubles, or be a slave to Apple and its proprietary “services” like Mail and iCloud and iTunes Match, which takes all of your music off your computer and puts it in iCloud whether you want that or not….for me, it’s NOT, since I don’t live in places that have permanent wireless. But my machine never crashes, the updates are well tested and bug-free, but unlike the early ones I can’t just rip out the mother board and upgrade the RAM or swap out the hard drive for a bigger one. Nor can I fiddle with things in the directory without learning a new language. So there are plenty of tradeoffs.

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  3. Ugh, Windows 10. I still regret updating. ANY TIME something seems to not be working, yup, surprise another update needs to be done. Oh well, I still prefer it over Mac. The only apple’s I have are sliced and covered in peanut butter or chopped and stuffed in a pie.

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    • Agreed. I refuse to buy an iPhone… I’m not sure what it is about Apple, but I don’t like ’em. Maybe it’s the inflated cost on all hardware just because of the name. It irks me. My husband bought an iPhone 4s to play with for his network certifications, and he said now he knows why we stick with Android phones. People who have iPhones, iPads, macbooks, etc. seem to love them, so they must have some redeeming qualities.

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      • They’re good for graphics, movie editing, etc. Everything Pixar is done with Macs. Other than that, I think people just like something plug and play, and they like the integrated system. Me, I love my 9 year old MacBook Pro, but I refuse to use the other Apple shit. I am Android all the way when it comes to phones. 3rd party apps, yes! Plus I love my Swype keyboard, can’t stand the iPhone keyboard. And I don’t want to be tethered to the iTunes bullshit. So I guess you could call me a hybrid 😈


  4. My laptop keeps saying it needs more memory to install Windows 10. I secretly think it’s got secret AI and is really saying “don’t install that Shit” 😂. Sure you will get it sorted soon enough 👍

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  5. Windows 10 will only be free for another month or so… And all I hear are downloading horror stories… I think to myself, certainly it couldn’t be as bad as the version I have now (8 or something)… And I wish someone would just tell me what to do. All of you know more about computers than me, and yet… Well, fuck. 🙂

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    • Hmm, I never used 8, but 10 is allegedly better than 8? At least according to the boy I’m married to, so take it how you will. Windows 7 beta was pretty cool, defunct now obviously. They’ll stop supporting 7/8, but it’s at least 5 years away.

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