Kara, the snot

It’s clear I’m having impulse control issues.  My parents know not to talk to me until I have been appropriately caffeinated.  I’m a Jekyll in the period between waking and actually being awake.  I don’t like it, but that’s how it is when I embrace the coffee.

My sister is getting on my nerves.  I eat often, and she stares are me for a while.  I can see her out of the corner of my eye.  I don’t like being watched.  Finally she asks what I’m eating.  I tell her.  She hovers.  I want to yell at her.  Tell her to get out of my zone, because it’s fucking annoying, but I don’t.  I don’t know why it bothers me, but I’m not alone.  Mom and Dad seem annoyed at her insistence to know everything that’s going on when she isn’t part of the conversation.

My parents are getting ready to leave for the VA clinic in Cincinnati and Dad is having “problems”.  The conversation was between Mom and Dad.  Lisa stopped what she was doing, walked back and asked ” what’s the problem? “.  Dad huffed and went into the bathroom, Mom told Lisa it was private, of course nicer than I’d be capable of.  The girl doesn’t understand social boundaries.

I yelled at her last night when I was snacking on cereal and I could see her staring at me while I was eating.  ” It’s fucking cereal!” Maybe not the best way to deal with it, but she stopped staring, so whatever.  I feel sort of bad about it.  I’m sure if I could just talk to her about my antisocial behavior, and how I (and most people) need their boundaries, she’d fuck off a little, but I don’t think of these things until after an outburst.

Of course, it’ll keep happening until I say something.  Like now, she keeps coming in to ask me what I’m doing.  Same as the last fucking time you asked.  I’m sorry I’m not more exciting, but damn..

Her old roommate of 7 years told my Mother Lisa is a difficult person to live with, and it probably wouldn’t have worked out if they didn’t work opposite shifts.  Mom being a mental health person has said she thinks Lisa may have Asperger’s.  What does she think is wrong with me?  I have bitchy.  Ha!  Dad is bipolar, and she has post brainfuck anxiety.  We’re one fun family.

12 thoughts on “Kara, the snot

  1. 😦
    Sound’s like my eldest brother, really does my head in. Always asks about absolutely everything. Even asks who is messaging me when my phone vibrates lol, I’m 35 not 10 he can piss off lol. I just get all sarcastic with him & he jogs on eventually.
    Hope you manage at some point to get time to chill & relax.

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    • Haha, this sister is 9 years older than me, and I can’t help but feel this must be what it’s like to have a little sister getting into everything. Maybe this is payback!

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      • Lol my bro is about 7yrs older than me, but is a complete control freak.
        I have two daughters, so yea I can see where you’re going with the payback on younger sister thing lol.

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  2. Oh dear …
    I would not want to be in your shoes at all gurl…
    See just how tough you are : ) I think I would have left by now lol.. I hate drama and family up my azz every second so no I would not last long there…lol
    Sending positive vibes to you

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    • I don’t know what it is about family….I can handle a bunch of different shit with relative grace, but when it comes to family? I turn into a weinie! Better my people than the in-laws though. Whew, they’re hopeless.

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  3. Oh god that would drive me nuts! My oldest son (9) is a stare-er during meals/snacks it takes every bit of strength to not snap at him for it most days. I hate being watched especially when eating. My family is full of nuts so really I can’t complain…. I’m one of em 😛

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