My Mom went to do laundry a few days ago and there was a stowaway in her dirty clothes – a lizard!  It traveled back from Florida with them, and jumped out of her underwear.  It startled her, then went into hiding.  None of us had seen it since.  I went to the bathroom earlier and could’ve sworn I saw movement on the rug, but my eyes play tricks on me a lot so I didn’t immediately think anything of it, until I saw it run across the tile.


After a little rearranging of trashcan, plunger, and toilet brush, I had it cornered and grabbed it.  I’m pretty sure it’s a girl anole, since she has a tiny diamond shaped head.  I put her in one of my tumblers with a screw on lid with a tiny bit of water for moisture.  She has to be starving, so I’m going to buy some small crickets if I can ever get around to getting dressed today.  Lisa is bored, so I’m sure she won’t mind driving me to the pet store.


Now I’m trying to decide what to do with her.  She won’t survive in this climate if I were to release her outside, and she won’t survive long without proper housing.  If you’ve owned a lizard before, I needn’t tell you how expensive an appropriate set up is.  My estimate is around $80 if I use a plastic terrarium, which is less than ideal for heating.  Plastic melts.

So, do I let her die?  Or do I go all out and give her a life of luxury?  I think you know the answer, but please talk me down.  We can’t afford it at the moment because manchild is spending $50/day while he’s in Florida, which is where the lizard should be.


She’s too stinkin’ cute, and she winked at me.  Frickin’ animals know I’m weak.  Looks like I’ve got a new friend!

10 thoughts on “Lizard!

  1. She looks so cool 🙂
    You sound like you already know what you’re planning on doing lol. Alternatively, is there any pet shops who could take her in? Or any on-line lizard enthusiasts who could take her off your hands?

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    • I know of at least one friend in the area who might want a lizard. I’m going to try the pet store first, but I’m not sure what their policy is. I worked in a pet shop for several years and we sold anoles, but couldn’t take any animal that didn’t have a paper trail. There’s also the possibility of infecting their population with a zoonotic disease that this one is a carrier of. We’ll see! I already told my husband and he said “build her a tupperware house” ha. He knows how I am.

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  2. Liz wunk at you? Ahhh, now you *hafta* keep her. Sweet lil’ Liz. My son has one named Texas. YES. They’re very expensive. Tex lives like an oil baron. You should probably mist Liz if you haven’t already. Sounds like you know what you’re doin’, Darlin. Enjoy your new pet, Mama.

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