I’ve survived my first two weeks with family, go me!  Dad had his teeth pulled yesterday, and boy is he ever in a world of hurt.  I feel so bad for him.  Oral surgery is the worst, especially when you’re a food addict.  He hates going to the dentist, and rather than dumping more money into crowns and repair, he opted for dentures.  I’ve been flexing my shakemaster muscles, and making lots of smoothies for him.  I’ll be doing some soups this weekend, pumpkin and split pea.  If he doesn’t like them, that’s less food I have to make for myself.

My doctor called on Monday in a panic because I was supposed to call him to report my at home orthostatic vitals, but like everything else it sort of slipped my mind.  It wasn’t the HR log he was concerned about, it was my UA results from 2 days before I left.  I’m dumping massive amounts of protein, blood and cell casts, in spite of barely getting adequate amounts of protein.  It’s probably an IgA flare (thanks Spring…I fucking hate you), which means nothing other than hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  Since I didn’t get a metabolic panel checked at my last appointment, he wants me to get a ride aaaall the way to Dayton to fulfill a lab order he put in.  Ya know what?  I’m not playing this game.

Neither of my parents are in any shape to make that drive, and I’m not interested in finding out that my amazing recovery was undone by a stupid cold or allergies, or whatever has me snorging like a little piggy.  I left my desmopressin at home by accident and I’m currently being exsanguinated by a very pissed off uterus, so I may have to go to urgent care anyhow if it doesn’t let up soon.  They can do a cmp then if they feel it’s prudent.  It would be stupid of me to withhold vital health information just so I can remain ignorant.

11 thoughts on “Turdsday

  1. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. And sometimes being fucking owned by our illnesses gets so old, we literally need a vacation from them. It’s not like they’re going to go away, just because we live our lives riding herd on the sons of bitches. It’s not like they’re something like diabetes, which, if one is meticulous, can be fully managed.

    This is not a recommendation that we ignore our illnesses, unless we choose to. I believe in people having a say in how they want to live their lives. For some people, quality of life means “doing everything,” which is fine. For others, quality of life means doing what’s essential for living as normal a life as possible, using the medical system to provide comfort without spending one’s life hooked up to machines.

    I’m chagrined by your UA, though. That’s a big fat bummer 😐😠👹

    Your dad is a very lucky man to have you for a daughter! Smoothies and creamy soups, yay!

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    • A break from doctors is…just what the doctor ordered. Badass drug combo for the hep seems to be kicking crohn’s in the nuts, and as long as the trend continues I think it’ll be alright.

      Dad asked me to trim his fukien tea bonsai (he calls it fuckin’ tree) because the lack of crackers and goobers is giving him the shakes. Bad idea if he wants it to live. I’ll stick with food prep. 😉

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            • He is! Sorta. He took classes in Florida. Really interesting stuff for house plants. I’ll try to get some pictures later. They’ve got 3 bonsais, although the fukien tea looks the most bonsai’ish.

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            • I asked, and he doesn’t think he got stitches. I had dissolving stitches when I got my wisdom teeth yanked. They told him to wear the dentures while he heals so his gums form to the shape of the dentures. It really does sound awful :/

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              • Wow, I thought my second ex-husband was exaggerating when he told me that his dentist said to put the dentures in as soon as he got home, and never take them out. Now, he was a military man, so he did as he was told, and had a very good result, as he was able to court and marry me without ever telling me that his teeth weren’t the ones he ruined by eating Little Debbies. I only found out when I made him a dentist appointment and he cancelled it, and in the course of the ensuing battle he confessed. I should have divorced him on the spot but he was really good in the sack so I kept him around till I got sick of him, then I bit him good and he shriveled up and became a Mormon.

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  2. Too bad there’s no protein in cannabis… Hey, maybe there is and we just haven’t found it yet! Something to look forward to (along with the Dilly Bars I picked up today). Sucks being a woman, doesn’t it? My life became so much easier after my periods stopped. It was like… a miracle. 🙂

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    • Hemp seeds are a good source of protein, so I imagine cannabis has some too. It’d take an awful lot to get enough that way…I’m imagining it’d be like a koala lifestyle. The best! Hanging out in a tree…eating…napping…eating. Actually, minus the tree, that’s pretty much what I do. Oy.

      I went about two years without periods, and it was great. Not a good sign, I guess, but better than this crap.

      “I just don’t trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn’t die.” -Mr. Garrisson

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