Lizard Lounge Complete

After a few days of living in my sippy cup, the lizard finally has a new home.  I’m sure it doesn’t care, so long as it gets bugs to eat, but I want my cup back.





Yep, that’s one lucky stowaway.  One benefit to being here is that most of my friends still live here.  After posting on Facebook to see if anyone wanted to house itty bitty lizard, I got a message from a friend who offered me a nice terrarium for cheap.  Sure, he was trying to make money off of me, but I still made out like a bandit.  This setup is about $150 new, and he asked $30 for it.  I couldn’t say no!  Happy lizard, happy Kara.

I haven’t picked out a name yet because, well, I’m not 100% sure of gender yet since it’s a juvenile.  Lizard works, I guess. 😉



“Fukien Tea”

My Dad asked me to prune his bonsai since his diabetes and insulin pump don’t take kindly to post oral surgery friendly foods.  His hands are a little shaky.  And my hands are a little worthless.  I can’t even cut my fingernails, so I declined, but I did read a little bit about bonsai care just for the hell of it.



It’s pretty cool stuff.  I’ve always wanted a bonsai, but I can’t even keep a bamboo plant alive.  It’s fucking sad.  These require daily watering because they become root bound in shallow pots and the soil mixture is mostly rock so it doesn’t hold moisture.  I think I’ll stick with growing onions by accident.

15 thoughts on “Lizard Lounge Complete

  1. I recently found out that succulents (cactus type plants lol) hardly need watering and are extremely hard to kill. Guess what we went and bought recently … a tonne of succulents! I wish I had known this before my other trillion plants that haven’t made it past puberty! … green thumbs, I do not have either 🙂

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    • My thumbs must be made of agent orange because I’ve killed cacti and their brethren. I either over water, or completely forget about them until they’re shriveled up like little turds. I’m not sure what the deal is. I’m fine with animals, but plants scream when they see me. Botanical death row!

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      • LOL … actually, the lady we bought the cacti thingys off’ve, said we shouldn’t over water them … i thought … sweeeettttt … i usually forget to water them … but to meet someone that has actually killed the cacti and crew … I am in awe 🙂 🙂

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  2. Very nice set up he/she has.. too sweet of you ..and very cute it is..I used to have Chinese water dragon oh how I loved it..
    Names …hmmm.. Lucky..stoey (for stow away) traveler..heck I do not know lmao.. it will come to you ….Iggy lol….

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  3. Haha, you’ve managed to make Mr. Mango quite jealous! Our ball python died late last year and he’s been searching for a new reptile to love. Where we live, no stowaway would ever survive the trip (unless you count garden snakes). He/she looks satisfied in it’s new home, hope it provides you with some entertainment while you’re stuck with your parents 😛

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    • Lizard is a distraction at the very least. 😉

      Bearded dragons are my favorite. They seem to really enjoy human interaction in contrast to most reptiles just barely tolerating people. When I lived in Alaska, I don’t remember seeing reptiles in the pet stores. Must’ve been too stressful on the animals to ship them that far. I bet the selection is limited around you too. Hope y’all find something!

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