Uh, those aren’t sesame seeds

It’s Sunday, which means I rest.  Staring at the ceiling feels wonderful since it means I’m perched on my mountain of pillows listening to a random classic rock playlist (when did def leppard become classic rock?  Fuck it…pour some sugar on muuuuh!).

I’ve been trying to get a little sun for the vit D, but being hotter than 50, I only last a few minutes before my translucent skin starts to sizzle.  Today the fucking WASPs chased me inside, and the bugs were annoying too.  Hooray for small town America.  I enjoy the big city for the ability to go weeks without seeing someone I know, if ever.  Anonymity is my friend.  I fired up the TENS for about an hour on variable setting on my ankles and can’t say it did much other than make the spasms more rhythmic.  I’ll try my back later to see if I can’t block it all from the nerve roots.  That’s the idea, right?

As I’ve mentioned, my parents weren’t here for most of the winter.  The other sister checked on the house periodically.  I got here just a few hours after my parents returned from Florida.  I saw what looked like mouse turds on a towel on the counter, but figured it was just fuzz.  This house is only 3 years old and was Amish built, so it’s assumed there’s no way vermin can get in.  Unless someone leaves a door open, which obviously happens quite often between miss aneurysm and mister diabetes brain.

I put a pizza in the toaster oven the other night and that’s when I realized they were mouse turds.  Lots of them by the toaster, behind the coffee maker, and some fresh ones in the junk drawer.  Yum.  I announced the mouse problem, and Dad told me to shut up.  He already knew about it but didn’t want Mom to know because that means he has to work on getting rid of the problem instead of ignoring it.

“It isn’t mouse shit.”

“Uh, check it out.  This one is linked together like a tiny sausage.  Those aren’t sesame seeds.”

Now Mom is up his butt, but he’s being belligerent and is naturally pissed at me for bringing if up in the first place.  Rather than listening to them fight back and forth over something so easily remedied if only they’d shut the fuck up long enough to do what needs to be done, I’m getting a half dozen live traps and some peanut butter puff cereal later.  They love that shit.  I’m in charge of vermin control.

14 days left, then I have to eradicate the inevitable ant invasion back in Maryland.  Last year I was irritated by the ants until I realized they were carrying crumbs out of the house.  Free cleanup crew.

18 thoughts on “Uh, those aren’t sesame seeds

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  2. The Tens unit is all about placement of the muscles that need to loosen up…I wish that I could show you all maybe then it would help a bit..and like I said about mine I have the problem of turning it up so high it hurts a lil then but the next day oh boy pain..so do not do that…
    Oh I love the clean up crew with the ants lol…hell lest work for you my dear lol….. Heck you could always put the mouse turds in chocolate chip cookies and give them to your parents and then see how often you all have to get together or if they believe you or not lol…ewwwww…joking or am I ….lol…
    huggs to you dear
    Myself I love the country here where I live …after we get done fixing our home a gate will be going up so we will not have people just popping in…A MUST!! …LOL……..

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    • Hahahaha, shit cookies! Oh, Suzette, you crack me up. See, I prefer the country to the city, but I don’t like the small town gossip. Everybody knows everybody. If I could live out in the middle of nowhere and not have to deal with people at all, I’d be set. The gate is an excellent idea!

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      • Aw glad that I could make you laugh gurl lol.. I agree but no matter a big town or little you still can have that drama …we do live out in the country we just have a post office one stop sign that is about it but still some houses are close its an old town… but i am with you I so wanted to move our old home further into the country I wanted a mile long driveway lol…
        But we know that could never happen …. Anyways the circle of friends that my better half has, has gotten so much smaller I mean this guy was conceived in our home he knows everyone and everyone knows him but as he got sicker with his illness he seen who his true and real friends are and it broke my heart but most of all it broke his heart he is the type of guy that would give you shirt off his back and money and has so many times i lost count but his illness he can not work so now the last 8 years or longer his so called friends will not help him at all and we are down to about 1 that you could call him anytime and he would help but about 2 friends down from god I don’t know there were so many friends he HAD.. They didn’t believe he was ill and most still think he is not only the one that has seen him full blown throwing up for 6 days all day and night that kinda cares ..He is not on disability tried a few times and they said what he has is rare so they had nothing to base it on or some crap he has CVS cyclic vomiting syndrome but now more people are finding they have it so more common so I hope he goes for his disability again but back to what I am trying to say is we stay at our home or dad right now since 6 years dad got hurt 6 years ago real bad then he just had a triple bypass operation he can not live alone he has other problems but with living here or home and the so called friends I know he has lost alot but it is less drama for sure and that we love but we still hear it from ones that visit us lol.. sometimes our names even get brought into it even with not leaving the home lolol.. we just have to laugh so either way gossip will be where ever one might be i think it is just how one handles it I guess lol…sometimes I get so pissed off at the shit I hear even not being around friends it’s just there no matter what but again we just try to let it go the best we can.. and yes the gate is a must since we want no drama and he has a big shop and people would just come over and use it with out asking or asking and never gave a dollar to help pay for electric and water or a fucking thank you..so these last 9 years have been very eye opening for us to say the least …you really do find out who are your friends when you are sick or can not help them any longer and by that I mean money ……they can’t use him for anything any longer no shop no trucks no cars no nothing..it was hard for him since he does have a big heart and wants to help but he is done and so is dad and me……you never know we just might put up a privacy fence up all around our home before it’s all said and done lol…we are a lot alike the world has really changed and for the most part it is nice not dealing with people at all I agree….
        Except here, here I feel free and feel like we all are family I feel like a closeness like I never had before on here..I so enjoy it on here it is so open but no judgement …..

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        • You are absolutely right, being sick weeds out the fair weather friends in a hurry. I’ve heard of CVS, and thought I had it because I go through periods of barfing my brains out, but it turned out to be gastroparesis. A pain in the ass, but at least there are treatments. Does he have any avoidable triggers, or does it just happen for the hell of it?

          This is one of the few places I feel I can talk freely. I know you know how isolating chronic illness can be. Connecting with other people has been awesome. World’s best pity party 🙂

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          • It sure does and it’s sad no matter how long the friendship is or was…
            Omg CVS is getting more talk as it should…Oh they thought you had it as well ..It is such a small world when we really take a look at it..I know that I could google gastroparesis but could you please tell me what that is??? when you have time gurl… Yeah throwing up your brains is not fun at all for anyone at this time I am living on promethazine 25 milligram but I break them into a 1/4 at a time..
            Well thank God that you have a treatment for your gastro illness I know it still sucks and all..
            Sometimes it’s just a certain smell or sometimes he can eat lettuce other times he can’t ..One minute we will be say having dinner out and he will just say we have to go and out the door he goes and I get the food ready to go home with us while he is getting sick in the parking lot even before he eats he was hungry but you just never know when it will hit and for how long I’ve seen him throwing up for 7 days living off ensures a sip at a time.. He is on facebook and found a great group on it that everyone has it and another for caregivers but most have this in common that there is something about the need of a shower ..He will have to get into a shower as hot as he can stand it and just stand in it.. also he will be sweating so much that I have to lay towels down and just go through them all and keep putting in the dryer and ice cream buckets of vomit my dad the first time he seen him get sick like that thought how can the human body throw up that much and where did it come from lol…He doesn’t take any medications since he has no Dr he lost all his health insurance that he self paid since he was 18 due to being sick he can no longer work as a driver or any work since you do not know when it will hit and he won’t usually go to the hospital until he can not take it any longer he also got turned down for SSI he even had a lawyer everything looked good for his case but at the time they did not know to much about CVS ..It’s crazy for sure I just remembered sometimes just going to the bathroom will set it off…
            Yes I agree with you about speaking freely on here I think that is why I really enjoy the site and everyone that I have met on here everyone has been so kind and it’s nice to feel the kindness and love I really think it has been a lifesaver for me just like you said chronic illness and not able to go and do things it can be so very isolating for sure … I am so happy that I found wp and the friends I have on here it’s like family to me I never thought that I would find such a great support system and again everyone that I have talked to on here has a special place in my heart… : )

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            • That sounds awful. I know for some people if they have clear triggers like migraine or allergies, they can prevent the cyclical vomiting or at least make it less severe. Not knowing when it’s going to happen or why it happens has to be so frustrating for him. I can’t believe SSI turned him down. The assholes. It’s definitely a disabling condition.

              Gastroparesis is delayed stomach emptying, or sometimes it doesn’t empty at all. That stuff has to go somewhere, so I go through periods where eating or drinking anything makes me barf. I also have Crohn’s in my stomach, so my stomach is an all around d-bag. I know of quite a few people with crohn’s who also have gastroparesis (whether or not they have gastric crohn’s), so it has to be more than a coincidence. I’m lucky that I haven’t needed an NJ tube, because some do. Promethazine is good stuff. I have suppositories for when I can’t keep anything down longer than 10 minutes. It knocks me out, which is sometimes a very welcome side effect 😉


              • Yes it is very frustrating for him and all of us..Oh yes they turned him down assholes worked or been in a big truck since the age of 6 got his CDL and worked hard all his life missed the holidays all the time all to get a slap in the face made the company a lot of money so that could be part of it him making so much money that they want him to stay on the road and pay all the taxes and everything that goes into owner operator CDL holder..
                OMG GURL I feel sorry for you I am so sorry you have to go through this terrible illnesses …
                Yes that is why I only take 1/4 of a tablet lol sometimes I can take a full and still be up and sick.. We have the suppositories as well just not many at all.. yes when you are so sick you just want to sleep it off if you can…amen to that gurl lol…
                My heart goes out to you for sure dealing with all that illnesses well again you are not alone : )


  3. I forgot yeah classic rock yup def leppard is in it along with all the great 80’s Rock n Roll…they say it is a sign of getting older but I don’t believe it one damn bit….
    Oh how I miss great musik… like them and shitt I could make a list that would take this whole page lol.. Not so much with the shit music they play today …So many have ruined good musik… And where is the act of being original and all this auto tune……Oh god I may go on a rant about music..#TRUTH…

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  4. TERRO ant poison is the best…the kind that comes in a little squeeze bottle in a cardboard box, and you tear off a piece of the box and put a drop of TERRO on it and the ants LOVE it because it tastes sweet, and they carry it back to their nests and share some with everyone….heh heh….

    Mice, I have no mercy. I kill the fuckers. Plenty more where they came from. Yeah, OK, I know I’m a hardass bitch. I just don’t like turds in my food, and the smell of mouse piss makes me violently ill. So I kill the fuckers.

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    • Yup! That’s the goo I use. It comes in little bait stations where I get it. Half of them drown in it. Takes a few weeks to make a dent. With any luck, they’ve decided the neighbors house is more interesting.

      I need a hardass bitch here to drown some house sparrows. They’re pushing the bluebirds out of the nesting boxes. I can’t kill anything, except for certain bugs.


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