When your guts are like Drumpf

This inflammatory bowel thing is not as advertised.  When I was first diagnosed, my GI doc was relieved that we finally figger’d it out, and he also said it’s mild and we shouldn’t have any trouble treating it.  Sweet, I thought.  I’ll take that asacol and entocort and life will go back to normal.  Even the statistics were reassuring.  Since I was diagnosed as an adult, it would most likely run a more benign course.

I do believe I’ve unintentionally gone out of my way to prove that I’m a huge paradoxical pain in the ass.  I went from zero to plaid in no time.  

I’m tons of fun for doctors who like a challenge.

At least someone is having fun, right?  When I was diagnosed with AIH, I started imuran and 4 weeks of Prednisone.  That on top of the biologic bitch-slapped crohn’s into a corner.  I’ve been spending semi-normal human amounts of time in the bathroom, and have had slightly less pain.

Last week was it for the ‘roids (hooray), and it may be a self-fulfilling prophecy that I’m experiencing a rebound in symptoms.  I mean, that happened awfully quick, didn’t it?  Maybe it’s the irritable bullshit syndrome, and not actual drumpf guts.  One can only hope.

Irritating question of the day: “Are you guys gonna have kids?”


Oh, and HEY! It’s 4/20.  “Smoke ’em if ya got ’em”


One thought on “When your guts are like Drumpf

  1. There’s nothing like the roids
    And the pain
    Especially I like eating hot stuff
    And lots of garlic
    Sing opera in the morning
    There’s nothing like it in the world
    Pain glorious pain
    Hot sausage and mustard
    The roids
    I can’t imagine life without them

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