Tomorrow (today?) I’ll be getting my hairs cut.  Mom is getting hers chopped too.  She said this place does a scalp massage, shoulder massage, and a mini facial.  Oh god.  There’s a reason I only get my hair cut 1.5 times per year, plus self trims at home.  I don’t like it.  I harbour slightly less ill will towards hair doers than dental doers, but it’s still something I’d rather not do.  Now, add the knowledge that she’ll be touching my face to that.  Nope.  No touching the face.  It’ll be an expensive damn haircut, because the place with the people who do it for 15 dollars and don’t fuck it up closed.  My last $50 haircut was terrible.  I said “minimal layers”, which must mean 8 inches of layers.  I claim I haven’t gotten it cut in 9 months because I was waiting for the shortest layer to grow out to an acceptable, below shoulder length.  So, my hair is stupid long and ratty.  It has a natural curl going and if I attempt to dry it after a shower, it’s like I stuck a fork in an electrical outlet.  Pretty cool if I were Einstein.  It’s time to be a big girl and get scissored.

April 22 is Earth day.  What a marvelous place, this planet Earth.  Too bad assholes had to come along and fuck it up.  It’s also my wedding anniversary.  I’m a little sour that I won’t be getting tipsy and playing stupid games with my husband.  Marriage is hard fucking work, but I’m thankful we both have the fortitude to deal with our collective bullshit in a mostly productive way.  We make a pretty good team when he isn’t being an idiot and I’m not going psycho.  I half expect to hear nothing from him, as he probably doesn’t even know what day it is.  He was in Korea and I was in the hospital on this date last year, so things are certainly better in that regard.  We’re on the same continent, in the same time zone.

I’m back and forth on when I’m going to leave.  Dad has decided Mom isn’t allowed to come when/if he drives me home, which sounds less “fun” because I’ll be the only one there to face his wrath.  Manchild reeeeally wants to pick me up, but I reeeeally don’t want to have my inerds scrambled again.  And, if I stay, I’ll have to be Mom’s bitch for a few days after she has surgery on her other foot.  Dad refused to do anything for her after her last surgery and tore the incision trying to get food ready.  He’s a dick.  I’m tired of being the mediator.  I should stay, but I’m also behind on iron and multivitamin infusions, and I have a half dozen follow-ups I need to schedule.  Not that it even matters since I can’t drive.  I’m going to prescribe myself 1 glass of wine per night.  That’ll help me make important decisions.


13 thoughts on “Braindump

  1. I couldn’t stand my bad haircut another minute, so I got it cut today. (Great minds think alike.) Since the place just opened in December of last year, they were still running a special for 1/2 off your first haircut. Total $8.95 (plus $5 tip). Nice guy, really cut it short, which is fine with me. Also gave me a coupon for another 1/2 off my next cut, thank you very much. My head feels 10 pounds lighter. May your head feel the same. 🙂

    p.s. They were playing Prince a the haircut place. 😦

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    • Hell yeah, good deal! My cut was good, so I’ll be sure to seek out another stylist who is covered in tattoos.

      Coupons are the bestest (fuck you, autocorrect). I got a crochet hook and a couple of skeins of yarn 60% off thanks to a coupon. Came out to 4 somethin’…the funny thing is that I don’t think I can crochet anymore, but the rainbow colored yarn hypnotized me.

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  2. Happy Anniversary!

    I also hate having my hair cut. I never think they do a good job and my half curly hair layered improperly ends up making me look like an 80’s perm gone wrong. I have my own set of thinning shears at home so I don’t have to go in more than once or twice a year. If it weren’t for bleach damage I probably wouldn’t go at all. I hope your stylist isn’t a complete nincompoop and you manage to at the very least get a good cut.

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  3. Happy Anniversary Kara and hubby! 🙂

    This is strange, both John and myself need haircuts. I’ve got thick curly hair which is difficult, may cut it to shoulder length.

    Are you feeling worse without your iron infusions? Can’t you get them there? Please don’t run yourself down. 🙂

    💟 🐻 🍸

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    • Thank you Steff 😀

      ’tis the season for hair spiffying. I decided just to get my bangs hacked really short and left the rest pretty long. The stylist said it was in good shape for having been 9 months, so she only cut off an inch. Not bad, but expensive for a trim! I suppose if I only get it done once a year, $45 ain’t bad 😉 PS curly hair is lovely.

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      • I think so, Kara, lol.
        I like the bangs (fringe here!) cut short so they don’t get in the eyes. I usually end up folding or rolling mine back off my face. Your long, straight hair looks easier to manage 🙂 , my thick curls are a nightmare to control! I used to do the hair straightening thing but it’d take like half an hour, and I couldn’t be patient for that. $45 sounds like a good price. Thanks, I love curly hair too, it’s just a monster. 😉 it looked the part in the 80s when I was a teen!
        💐 flowers for you and hubby! 🙂

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