2016 takes another one

My Aunt passed away today.  We just got the call.  It wasn’t unexpected, as she has been unwell for quite a while.  She survived a massive heart attack last month and was in a rehab facility where she seemed to be improving, but her heart was just too weak.  She was one tough lady and has beaten the odds for over 40 years, being diagnosed with MS at age 30 and having a quadruple bypass at 41, the doctors told her she’d be lucky to see age 55.  She basically told those doctors, “Hold my beer, and watch this!!”

I talked to her last week and she said, “Never quit fighting, Kara!”  It’s a plan.  I’ll fight as long as the f-bomb rolls eloquently out of my maw.  She was proof that a person can have a happy and fulfilling life while living with chronic illness.

She was one of the kindest humans I’ve ever met, and had a way of lighting up a room with her presence.  We’re all going to miss her, and I’m sad she’s gone.  I’m looking forward to celebrating her memory with my family on Friday.  If there’s one thing you should know about this part of my family, it’s that it isn’t inappropriate to laugh at a funeral, and we know how to throw a bitchen wake.

May we meet again, Aunt C.

9 thoughts on “2016 takes another one

  1. So sorry to hear about your loss. Even if it is not sudden it’s still never expected. I hope you have many wonderful lasting memories of your Aunt and that you enjoy the family time reminiscing and keeping her memory alive. xoxo

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  2. Oh god. I’m so sorry. Even when you see it on the horizon it still blows. My mom is going to a funeral tomorrow for her friend. F*ck cancer. F*ck chronic illness.
    F*ckin 2016 is turning into one hell of a year. I’m so sorry for your loss. Laughing at a funeral is awesome (& sometimes necessary!). Hold onto her memory. Kick ass for her now!

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  3. So sorry for your loss, Kara. And yes, keep fighting until the F-bomb stops rolling eloquently from your maw. Which I figure is a long damn time…

    Celebrate your aunt’s life, because really that’s what funerals are for. Celebrating life. Not being sorrowful about their passing though there is grief to be shared. But it’s best to remember the departed as they lived.

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  4. what an awesome lady … so is this where you get some of that strength and sass from?? … ‘hold my beer … and watch this’ … lol, i like her 🙂 and theres nothing like a bitchen wake!
    … hugs to you and fams xo

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